Junno Andrade enters the fourth season of Dancing Brasil & # 39;

Junno Andrade has just been confirmed in the fourth season of Dancing Brazil. In the dance reality show of RecordTV he will be responsible for the interaction with his girlfriend, the hostess Xuxa Menegheland with the participants after the artistic performances. The actors Sergio Marone and Leandro Lima have taken on this role in earlier editions of the program.

In commemoration, the actor published a picture with a blonde wig on his Instagram and joked: "Ready to present next to her (Xuxa) … Xunno".

The 14 participants in the new season have also been announced: the journalist Juliana Riosthe comedian About me, the actresses Camila Rodrigues and Pearl Fariathe singer Lu Andrade, the digital influencer Franciele Grossi and the dancer Valéria Valenssa are the competitors among women.

Men will be represented by the actors Nizo Neto, Allan Souza Lima and Bernardo Velascothe comedian Oscar Filho, the former model and model Marcello Faustini, the former footballer Amaral and the presenter Beto Marden.

The attraction premieres in September and is broadcast on Wednesdays, live, shortly thereafter Journal of the Record.

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