Luciano Huck remembers that the son questioned the security of an aircraft for an accident

During the & # 39; Cauldron of Huck & # 39; this Saturday (18), the presenter assumed that he was afraid that he could not protect his family. & # 39; My biggest fear is losing control over what I can do for my children. I'm afraid something bad is happening to my family, "he said. And recalled the plane crash they suffered in 2015: & # 39; My son had asked me: & # 39; Dad, is this plane safe? & # 39;

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Three years ago Luciano Huck got a plane crash next to his wife, Angelica, and his sons, Joaquim, Benício and his son, and Eva. Although physically practically unharmed, the presenter is still emotionally struggling to recover from the trauma that the fear has left behind. During the "Huck Cauldron" this Saturday (18), Luciano was asked about a fear that went with him and the communicator did not hesitate to remember the accident with his family. "If you are a parent, you have a huge desire to protect your children, your family, and often you lose control of it, which is not only dependent on you, so my biggest fear is losing control over what I can do for my children, "he began. "We had a plane crash, me, my children and my wife, and it's a bit frightening, we'd like to have life under control, to be able to keep, protect, and prepare your children and when we got off the plane and my son I asked: "Dad, is this plane safe?" before I stepped into the plane and said: "Of course, my son, you can enter & # 39 ;, and the plane crashed." # 39; And here comes that reflection that you lose control of your life, lose control of the protection of your children, the good I've thought a lot about your question, which I'm afraid of, and I'm afraid there something bad happens to my family, my children … That's it, my biggest one

The report pointed out that the plane could not take off

Two years after the accident, an award from the Center for Research and Prevention of Aviation Accidents (Cenipa), from the Aeronautics Command, pointed out that it plane that was forced to land with the Luciano Huck family could not even get off the ground. According to the document, there was a dry crash – that is, a lack of fuel in the tank on the left, combined with the inability of the engine of the other wing to continue the flight. The pilot, Osmar Frattini, and co-pilot José Flávio de Souza Zanatto, who commanded the plane, were accused of not having complied with the mandatory check-in in the event of a crash. Osmar, who even got financial help from Luciano Huck, defended himself: "I did everything right in the checklist." [José] Flávio [de Souza Zanatto, copiloto] who executed and he asked. It is not clear that when I decided to land, I said that he would & # 39; my command & # 39; to reduce and cut the engine. "

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