MasterChef Professionals has Network TV presenter and Harry Potter together

The Tuesday night (21) marked the debut of the third season of the MasterChef Professionals, in Band. The gastronomic competition began with testing every cook in clashes that required not only a high gastronomic level, but also full control of the emotions that should not be eliminated immediately. They stood opposite each other to win the bag and secure their place.

The 26 participants competed for 14 places in competitions with two or four participants. Jury members Erick Jacquin, Henrique Fogaça and Paola Carosella presented challenges with Mediterranean dishes, snacks, Brazilian gastronomy, French cuisine, confectionery and Asian food.

Only the top seven were presented after the skirmishes. Among them, Heaven Delhaye, 33. As a resident of Petrópolis, in the Serrana region of Rio de Janeiro, the chef owns two restaurants. Self-taught, never been to the gastronomy, but has international experience in cooking since he was 17 years old.

MMA fighter friend Rodrigo Minotauro, the heaven – whose baptismal name is Maria do Céu – has already presented a show, Heaven's Kitchen, in the record news of Santa Catarina. In 2011 she was hired by RedeTV! as a reporter for the Amaury Jr. program. He also led the kitchen of the program's Nestlé Com Você and Se Liga Brasil.

On the other hand, Getulio in the social networks was compared with Fr Lanza, who was from the band Restart and Daniel Radcliffe, interpreter of Harry Potter.

With seventeen episodes, the third edition of MasterChef Professionals will reward the winner with $ 200,000. Tramontina equips the kitchen of the winner with a complete tub, stove, hob, ovens, stainless steel cookware, 1 chef's knife, and Tramontina by Breville small appliances. All challenges will give rewards on the Carrefour card: whoever wins the individual races collects a thousand reais and every event in an external or mini event entitles five hundred reais to those who do better. In addition to the prize for the two finalists, R $ 1 thousand of purchases for a year on the Carrefour card.

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