Mayra Cardi reprimands criticism of showing a small pregnancy belly: "I am healthy & # 39;

Mayra Cardi has shared a very nice pregnancy moment with her followers. Newly arrived in the United States, where he had a holiday with Arthur Aguiar, the life coach shared an Instagram with a picture of a bikini showing the belly. "It's been eight months and from now on everything seems to take much longer, we can not wait to get you out of our arms," ​​she wrote, using the hashtags "Healthy Pregnancy" and "Mother of the Girl". [19659002] Life coach evaluates opinions about her body

Lucas, mother, 18, from a previous marriage, made Mayra the opportunity to comment on some comments after showing the new silhouette on the web . "Four months ago I decided not to say anything about nutrition during pregnancy, I talked a lot about healthy eating and I decided to quit because it gave me a lot more headaches than bringing positive things, although 80% of the people I was pregnant, I decided to talk about healthy food less than a month ago, I do my blasé and the stupid girl, which only makes things meaningless, "the businesswoman began, criticized for saying that she does not like people touch her belly. 19659004] Business woman talks about weight during pregnancy

Mayra, who has adopted a raw diet during pregnancy, clarified that the health of the baby is not affected. "Still blasé, idiot and the placement of sentences without content, people with abundant hatred have the trouble and feel the right to beat my body.An ignorant judgment, without study … Just from what they distract … bikini with my showing normal belly, my body and my structure, and five people in the midst of millions of people said that I am too thin, that there is no room for the child, that she will fall ill, I am healthy and I love healthy things. is normal that I'm not fat, I just have a stomach, I'm not fat because I'm healthy. "

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