Michel Teló reveals & # 39; tactics & # 39; to defeat The Voice Brasil. Look at it!

Michel Teló decided not to keep any secrets about his success in masterful performance during The Voice Brasil. In an interview for Revista Guia da TV, the sertanejo opened his heart and spoke some of the characteristics needed to have a good execution in the program.

Triple champion of musical attraction, the singer made a point of getting the subject of what are the things that drew the most attention in the course of the presentations. Michel did not hide the secret and summed up the following tips:

"There is a moment when the light that focuses on someone is something of charisma, of emotion and things happen.First, here you have to have a great voice, and attitude also counts a lot.And that light that shines at that moment ", revealed the husband of Thai Fersoza and daddy of the adorable Melinda and Theodore.

In a commentary on the new format of the program, which has become more dynamic, various topics have been discussed. Among the news he mentioned the importance of two days in the program schedule.

"The program is very dynamic, with that extra time we can tell more stories about people and we can sing and enjoy more, and in recent years we did not have many presentations," said the musician.

When asked about the lock button, which prevented some of the four technicians from choosing the candidate, he made quite a direct revelation. According to Teló, at the time of the decision, no matter how much respect, it is not the time to play.

"We love each other, but when it comes to choosing the candidate, we do not play", ended the famous backyard man.

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