Nanda Costa and Lan Lanh pose and the actress declares: & # 39; & # 39; I love & # 39; & # 39;

Since recording his relationship with Lan Lanh on the last Valentine's Day, Nanda Costa has shared romantic moments with the chosen ones.

Next Saturday, the actress published a photo with the percussionist showing both on a beach in Rio de Janeiro with the famous biscuit Globo.

"Traditional beach of Carioca: Sun, Cookie Globe and Love ".

In the comments the fans praised the tune of the couple. "You are beautiful"wrote one; I'm in love with you"Said another; "Good thing! Suppose I love", said a third.

In love

In a recent interview with Pedro BialBoth had to explain to each other in a moving and sincere way. "What does Nanda stand for? ", the journalist was quoted as saying.

"My life, my other part of life, which is also mixed, my life is music and music saved, now I still have Nanda, so I am saved"she answered excitedly.

Faced with such a speech, which also had to say something to the beloved, was the TV Globo artist. "I am much happier with her, I think Lan Lanh is my great love, my passion, my partner in everything! In life, in music … It is lightness, it is courage …""he revealed.

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