Network TV! live a much better time than the Band – 20/08/2018

Even with churches, of the most different flags, and horses without a paw, among other bushes of stumbling, the moment of production of Rede TV! is undoubtedly better than that of Band.

Maybe it has no reflexes in the audience, but that is only a matter of time.

If the journalists are doing a very equal job in journalism, without duty to the other, then the simple purchase of the English championship is a big step forward for those who have almost lost their sports field.

Just as the results of her entertainment, with "Encrenca", bad or good, became very significant on Sunday evening, in addition to what the programs of Luciana Gimenez, Sonia Abrão, Daniela Albuquerque, João Kleber and.

The most striking thing is that the band, who takes the wrong steps and is absolutely convinced of their mistakes, takes too long to promote the necessary repairs.

On television, experience shows, in error or correctness, speed is always essential.

Digital – 1
Last Tuesday the analogue system was closed in Macapá, Porto Velho, Palmas and Cuiabá.
But it was not in Campo Grande, Rio Branco and Boavista that they did not reach 90% of households that were qualified to receive digitally. For them, the deadline is now 31 October.

Digital – 2
Today, just over half of the Brazilian population, about 110 million people, already have access to digital TV. To this end, Be Digital has distributed around 13 million converters so far.
If everything in Brazil would work like that.

So combined
For broadcasters, Record offers two dates for discussions with governors. One, on Friday, September 28 at 18:00 and another Saturday at 1:25.
The president will be on the 30th.

It is important that everyone is warned from now on: the 31st compulsory political propaganda begins.
Twice, as always, 13:00 and 8:30, each 25 minutes and divided 25 times in different bands of the program.

Musical reality

Press releases
Carol Trentini Image: Disclosure

The model Carol Trentini is one of the attractions of the upcoming "Popstar" on Globe, which debuts in September.
"I love to sing, but it will be the first time that I am here for the stage and show me in a different way that I have always shown myself", says the model.

view profile
Record management decided to manage coffee consumption in its interiors.
Not for economics, certainly not. Perhaps not as one of the effects your staff so encourage. Caffeine, according to experts, has that ability. Now, by determination, the thermal bottles can only be delivered in the morning and once a day.

Just beast
With great anticipation, "The Great Mystic Circus", the latest film by Cacá Diegues, will be released at the cinema on 6 September. George Moura, from "Where the Strong are Born", is one of the writers.
Participation of Bruna Linzmeyer, Jesuíta Barbosa, Catherine Mouchet, Vincent Cassel, Mariana Ximenes, Antonio Fagundes and Juliano Cazarré. Trace of Chico Buarque and Edu Lobo.

If you arrive in time for a foreign appointment, Lola Melnick will be the new member of the "Ten or Thousand" image in the mouse from Monday.
If you can not, the idea is to improvise someone from the "game of points".

Fernanda Lima put an end to the shooting of another season of the show "Amor & Sexo". Exhibition around the world from 9 October on a Tuesday.
Besides Jose Loreto, Mariana Santos, Eduardo Sterblitch, Dudu Bertholini and Regina Navarro Lins, the philosopher Djamilla Ribeiro will also be on the bench.

Beat – discount
• On Tuesday, 9.30 pm, Gilberto Gil Caetano Veloso will receive the "Friends, Sons and Words" from Canal Brasil …
• … In an informal conversation they talk about growing older and the inheritance passed on through their children.
• Ratinho's staff even tried it, but could not hold Valéria Valenssa in the cast of the show and accepted his departure for Xuxa & # 39; s "Dancing" …
• … There was no way to compete. Record came with a cash transportation car
• Released from the recordings of "Amor & Sexo", Eduardo Sterblitch reinforces the journey in the …
• … On the 31st he takes the show "The King of the World – A Supernatural Comedy" for Theatro Net Rio, where he works with his wife Louise D & # 39; Tuani.
• Ronnie Von, in the night of Monday, welcomes actors Clara Carvalho and Blota Filho in "Tudo Seu" of Gazeta …
• … The two, with the play "My Son Will Marry", talk about the end of complicated relationships.
• On Monday at 2.30 pm Viva starts with "Baila Comigo" (1981), by Manoel Carlos, marked by the heroine debut Helena, played by Lilian Lemmertz …
• … A novel in which two directors also met: Roberto Talma and Paulo Ubiratan …
• … The cast was another "absurd", with Lilian, Tony Ramos, Raul Cortez, Susana Vieira, Lydia Brondi, Fernando Torres, Fernanda Montenegro …

* Collaborated with José Carlos Nery

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