Neymar wins the kiss of his girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine, during a romantic walk at the Eiffel Tower. Video!

At the beginning of the month, Neymar Bruna congratulated the 23-year jubilee with a message published on the social network. "It's not because I want it, and because you deserve it … Today is your birthday, but who wins – the present I am, for you in my life Congratulations, love Today is a special day for those who love you I love you, "he explained. At an expected party, held at the attacker's home in Mangaratiba, he used a plane message to prove his love. Days later Marquezine celebrated the arrival of the new era in Greece.

Bruna removes plans to live with Neymar

Marquezine recently clarified the rumors that she would start living with Neymar after the end of the recordings of "God Save the King", a novel in which she played the villain Catarina. "I have to travel to enjoy the holiday, but we have not thought about it, and not that way, a change, to leave the country, but I think it's very likely that I'll be part of Spend my time with him, after so much distance, "she remarked that on another occasion she would not exclude her from living with the player in the future:" It would not be a necessity to let the relationship run smoothly is not enough. .. I can reconcile the madness of my work with the madness of my courtship and I do not understand the need to walk with everything … Of course I hope that one day we will come together. "[DoorPatricia1945-1990] Days )

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