Novel & # 39; Second Sun & # 39 ;: Karola shoots while he is alive & # 39; horror movie & # 39; arms through Luzia. & # 39; Appear, shame! & # 39;

Luzia (Giovanna Antonelli) will not be happy to be intrigued by the alliance of Karola (Deborah Secco) and Laureta (Adriana Esteves) in the soap opera "Segundo Sol" and will endeavor to make the ex-wife of Beto Falcao (Emilio Dantas) to leave . New partnerships form after being escaped not to be convicted of the death of Remy, the wife will be assisted by Galdino (Narcival Rubens), who will tell him about the crimes of the owner of the brothel, and by Roberval ( Fabrício Boliveira), the one who confesses his entire frame. The scenes are scheduled for air from 19 September.

Galdino follows the instruction of Luzia and enters the building of Karola

According to information from columnist Daniel Castro, Luzia will tell the man who is possibly Remy's killer who transforms the cover of Karola from where she is threatened by her lover in a real macabre scenario. "Galdino is already on tape," says the mother of Manu (Luisa Arraes) and Icarus (Chay Suede). Acts as a doorman of the building, the employee of Laureta enters the building next to a dog keeper and goes to the apartment of Karola to start his joke. He can enter the luxurious apartment with a cleat to open the door.

The ally of Luzia calls and leaves the light to scare the bad guy

While Valentim's mother (Danilo Mesquita) eats alone, Galdino hides himself and calls the phone from the apartment, but he does not say anything. In the second connection Karola is irritated: "Hello, hello, is there someone there?" "I know there is someone there !!" "I hear you breathe like a pervert!" On the third call, the villain becomes irritated and decides, after he has thrown away the phone, to drink whiskey to relax in. The ally of Luzia, with control over the lights and sounds of the house, surprised her with a blackout. "That's weird," Karola said, desperately when the light came up: "There's someone here."

& # 39; Who is here? To appear! It looks like or will be worse & # 39;

Afraid, Karola grabs his revolver and warns that he is not afraid to use it. "I'm not kidding," the woman who is surprised again, this time with unexpectedly turning on the television. "I know there is no spirit! You're there, are not you, Laureta? I'm not afraid of you! This horror film does not scare me, stop this clowning!" She calls, an accomplice of the planets. Remy. A threat arrives in the form of a text message stating that it has to hand over the money just before something worse happens, but shortly thereafter is erased by the sender, as the script indicates. It seems, or it will get worse, "exclaims Beto & # 39; s ex Galdino then puts on loud music to play along with flashing colored lights, and Karola, desperately, shoots in all directions. The woman only ends when two men enter the stage. "Stay with me, there is someone here! Stay here with me, please, "the villain begs for the doorman and his neighbor.

(In front of Carol Borges)

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