Pride and passion: Elisabeta burns the evidence that slanders her

It is at this moment that Benedito picks up a candle and sets the evidence on fire, to Desana's despair. Darcy celebrates:

"It seems that your strength has disappeared with these flames, never doubt the fibers of a Benedict, so I clung to mine!"

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Lady Margaret and Admiral Tiburcio were allied to Josephine. Mariko suspects that Amelia expects a child. Camilo tries to talk to Juliet, those ducks. Lady Margaret is furious to discover that Susana has no evidence against Elisabeta. Jorge celebrates Amelia & # 39; s pregnancy. Otávio asks that Brandão be transferred from the battalion. Gaetano is annoyed by the fact that he has brought Luccino home. Charlotte and Olegario kiss. Elisabeta and Darcy come with the file to the house of Lady Margaret. Elisabeta burns the documents, to the despair of Susana. Darcy surprises Elisabeta by taking her to a chapel and marrying the two.

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