Pride and passion: Luccino is sent from home

Pride and passion: Luccino is sent away from home - Press release / TV Globo / Pride and Passion

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The chapter of Pride and Passion of Friday, the current novel at 6 PM on Globo, should be a lot of tension and sadness, especially for Luccino (Juliano Laham). All because the boy had to be taken out of his house by his father, Gaetano (Jairo Mattos), after he had been caught in the company of Otávio.

It is worth remembering that Luccino recently played in an exciting scene in the plot and his brother, Ernesto (Rodrigo Simas) said he is a homosexual.

And now, where will he live?

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Camilo tells his business plans to Juliet and the baron listens. Ernesto suspects that Otávio is the love of Luccino. Lidia accepts Randolfo's request to marry. Edmundo and Fani receive a mysterious warning about Josephine. Darcy welcomes the Benedito family for a dinner in honor of the engagement of Lydia and Randolfo. Olegário leads Kléber off and leaves for Susana and Petulia. Gaetano curses Ernesto and Otavio defends him. Darcy and Elisabeta talk about their future marriage. Gaetano catches Luccino with Otávio and drives the son away from the house. Edmundo and Fani discover that Josephine is armed with Tibúrcio and decide to leave the house. Camilo confronts Juliet with her secret. Susana and Petulia surprise Darcy and Elisabeta.

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