Pride and passion: Luccino reveals that he has destroyed Xavier & # 39; s bike

Pride and passion: Luccino reveals that he has destroyed Xavier & # 39; s bike

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Luccino (Juliano Laham) is a real friend, for Mariana (Chandelly Braz). In the chapter on Pride and Passion, the current novel at 6 PM on Globo, the boy must confess to Brandão (Malvino Salvador) that he was responsible for the destruction of Xavier's motorcycle (Ricardo Tozzi).

It is worth remembering that the bad guy Elisabeta's sister (Nathalia Dill) kidnapped and cut her hair, after he revealed that it was also Mario, a type of character who had invented, to take part to motorcycle racing.

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Brandão threatens the life of Xavier, but Mariana asks the colonel to let him go. Ema and Ernesto exchange vows of love. Aurelio celebrates his happiness with Julieta with the marriage of Ema. Elisabeta and Charlotte take Lady Margaret to a hotel and announce that the villain will not return to the Ouro Verde farm. Olegário restores the evidence stolen by Kléber. Darcy admires the attitude of Elisabete against Lady Margaret, who promises to take revenge on the two. Mariana denounces Xavier at the police station and the bad guy registers his complaint against Brandão. Kléber, Olegário, Susana and Petulia are arrested. Luccino confesses to Brandão that he has destroyed Xavier & # 39; s engine. Juliet says she wants to come close to Tenoria. Tibúrcio offers help to Lady Margareth.

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