Pride and passion: Susana hides at Bittencourt Farm

Pride and passion: Susana hides at Bittencourt Farm - Press release / TV Globo / Pride and Passion

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The life of Susana (Alessandra Negrini) has not been so easy lately. When she realizes that she is the target of different plans and frames, the villain must choose to hide at Bittencourt Farm, in the next Wednesday (5) of Pride and Passion, the current novel at 18:00 Globe.

After connecting with Lady Margaret (Natalia of the Valley), mainly trying to divorce Darcy (Thiago Lacerda) from Elisabeta (Nathalia Dill), Susana finally broke the villain, who in turn did everything to harm it .

After receiving an order from Margareth, Xavier (Ricardo Tozzi) even tried to stun Susana, to put an end to his life, but the plan went completely wrong and he was the one who drank the drink with a sedative, that had prepared.

Will Susan be able to come here for a long time? Let's see!

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