Ready to go back to soap operas, Vera Fischer says she does not want to know anything about plastic surgery

The actress wears Heckel Verri dress and Sara Joias earrings – Nana Moraes

During the interval of the photo session, Vera Fischer surprised a whole team.
Make-up artists, hairdressers, press workers, fashion producers,
assistants and photographer Nana Moraes had their mouth dropped when the actress
He sat down on the floor and began to stretch. As a goddess she exhibited without it
simple mortals, all their flexibility, up to 66 years. Vera is full of it
arrangement for everything, also for your return to TV, after six years
of the novels – the last was Gloria Perez & # 39; s "Salve Jorge", exhibited in 2012, outside
a small participation in "Malhação" this year.

In the new plot of 6 pm, "Mirror of Life" by Elizabeth Jhin,
At the end of September, Vera plays an actress who has appeared on TV, but who does
because she believes that, with aging, she is no longer being called up for roles
relevant information. Carmo has a strong temperament and an excellent heart. Vera says that
was never afraid not to live larger characters:

– Tell Meryl Streep about the most experienced actresses: "That's us
! "Yet she does a shot every year, sometimes artists
very young, do not give the message. They think they have a miracle story in the
Instagram will make the career work.

Heckel Verri dress and H.Stern earrings – Nana Moraes

The invitation to return to TV could not have been more affectionate. came out
director of the novel, Pedro Vasconcelos, who worked there with Vera
decades, more precisely in "Sweet Creek", a mini-series from the nineties of the last century
arrested the audience with scenes of romance and nudity.

– At that time, 28 years ago, there was nothing in Fernando de
Noronha, where we recorded the scenes. Not even hotel! So the whole cast remained
very close, we became very friends. For this novel by now, Pedro
left such an incredible message that he could not

For Pedro the actress has always been and always will be one of them
history of this country.

– It is a great honor to work with her. I am very happy to have you in the cast
from "Mirror of Life". It is a privilege to direct it. When we cooperate in it
"Sweet creek", I was 16 years old, and Vera always treated me the same way
equal. I was initiating, she was already a star and the relationship was always absolutely respectful and interchangeable. Your story
theater, cinema and theater is incredible.

Even after dozens of films, plays and novels, she says she is a schoolgirl & # 39; feels
debut ":

– I read that some artists say that they have their characters with their feet in the
back. I do not understand the person who gets nervous about a debut. If you do not
has fear or nervousness, is not an actress.

Full of plans, Vera is already working on plays to be involved with something
new as soon as the novel ends.

"I think the audience is a bit hungry for stories about it
delicacy, friendship. I do not think it's great to do the bad guy. I am one of them
prefers the other. The reality is already very difficult. The language of the moment
now it should be about respect, affection, tenderness and elegance. This words
must be the order of the day.

Wymann dress, earrings and bracelet both Roberta from Rio – Nana Moraes

The actress reports that she is happy with the
beauty of things, moments, relationships. Do not cry for grief anymore.

– Today, beauty touches me more. I am with my emotion at the
at the same time, very good-humored. I used to be more serious and I used to be
drama and tragedy were more important. But I discovered that you were the
humor for everything.

The only thing that she thinks is serious about it is stupid and slow people & # 39 ;. Do not
has patience, for example, for delays.

"I have learned from my parents that everything has its rhythm and that I have to be ready, I am strict to myself.

The site maintained in Ilha de Guaratiba is a refuge, although Vera is not
go as often as you want.

– I went a lot with my children, but now the time has come
on the one hand, and I do not like to go alone. Because the house has 20 rooms, I can call anyone I want. The tables that
Pinto is there – says the actress, who took jewelry, shoes and even perfume herself
to use during the test.

"I'm not looking for or
need a friend "

Vera is the mother of Rafaela, 39, of the union with the actor
and director Perry Salles (1939-2009), and Gabriel, 24,
fruit of his marriage with actor Felipe Camargo. although
belonging to different cores, Vera and Felipe will be together in "Mirror of
life, "23 years after working in" Pátria minha "and 31 in the
"Mandala", a novel that united them. The battles were in the past. Today their relationship
is, according to the actress, "great":

"We have no problem at all, recently Felipe asked me for a few photo's from when Gabriel was
honey because I am known for arranging all portraits very well. Gabriel
took to the Father's Day. I had a fruit of every important relationship. There are 15
year difference between Rafaela and Gabriel, and every son
weddings. My relationship with Felipe is affectionate and affectionate.

Single, she says she does not miss any
divide life

"I have always lived very intensely, I loved, suffered and gave so much, all that
feeds me to this day. I can transfer all the love that I would give to a
partner for work because I love everything I do. I am not looking for or
need a friend.

And what makes Vera even more warm?

– Work! There is nothing that I like more than that
stand on the podium. People are there, live and you can create
for real. There is no cut, there is nothing. I am in love with the theater,
public. I love doing other things, but the theater is incredible.

Another passion in life is to stay with the children. With Rafaela and Gabriel the mother says that the relationship is equal to the same.

– Gabriel lives with me, otherwise I would die, because Rafaela lives in São Paulo. I suffer from desire, but respect.
and I do not keep calling her constantly. I am never the age with them
I've got it. Sometimes I am 7 years old.

Kimono Waiwai + Betina De Luca, blouse and skirt both Animale, earrings Victor Hugo Mattos and boots Manolo Blahnik – Nana Moraes

About a year ago, three times a week, Vera
practiced fight karate. He eventually lost a lot of weight and says he is
to feel more willingness. He also started a diet with protein and a lot
vegetables, passed on by an endocrinologist.

– I'm gone, I drink my wine, my champagne and how
dessert. These are pleasures that I give myself because I earn it from time to time. from
that I keep my diet at home, "she explains." By the way, my body
You need exercises, because since I was a child, I moved. Many years
of my life, went to nightclubs with my husbands and danced
the whole night. I got wet from the dance floor because I really love to dance. Today in
day is not much to dance. So I fight.

Plastic operations, she says, are out
ask. She warns that she prefers to invest time and money in creams. For each
angle of the body, there is a specific: eyes, lap, hands, feet …

"It does a bit of work, but I have it as a pleasure, I refuse to do it
I am terrified of Botox. It is not a prejudice, but I do not like it
result that I see in people. When I think something is there one day
weird, I could even do it, but nothing to change my characteristics. I am like that
face is mine – he says, and shows the massages he makes when he puts cream on his face
in the neck. "I have wrinkles, but they are small and they are in the right place.

If it does not work, Vera likes to paint screens and write them. The last
published book was "Lucíola" (ed. Litteris) in 2013, of which the protagonist
was a nightclub prostitute in Copacabana that understood art,
read "Ulysses" and spoke five languages. Although he did not surrender to his cell phone,
she enjoys messages on Instagram, a social network that she runs on the computer.

The actress, who began her career as Miss Brazil in 1969, warns that she is ready for the future:

"There are not many women who have had so many labels.
I have enjoyed all the decades of my life. I will be 70 soon.
I have to prove everything, because I've already shown it, I've already tasted it. Am I a good actress? Yes! That's me
beautiful? Yes! Am I the same age as me? Yes! I am your age? No! I will do that
plastic? No! I practice Yes! Am I healthy? Yes! I am a child? I am! I will do that
drama, do tragedy, do you go deep? I'm going! I loved a lot, I suffered a lot? Yes, because it is so.
much better than less love and suffer less because it would be superficial. I have chosen
for everything because I am not in life to drive. I am not a lukewarm woman, what
It would be terrible, right?

There is only one thing that Vera does not give up: whenever she can, she likes to spend a few hours in the sun.

Absolutely, goddesses can.

beauty: Everson Rocha. Fashion production: Rafael Ourives.Photo assistant: Julio Carlos Souza. Beauty assistants: Silvan Bandeira and Yago May. Executive production: Matheus Martins. thanks: Duck with Orange Gastrobar, Contemporary Archive, Duda Port Architecture and Aline Sofia Real Estate.Image processing: Luiz Paulo Furia


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