Roman & # 39; Second Sun & # 39 ;: Icarus rebels to discover that Luzia killed Remy. & # 39; Not good! & # 39;

The reconciliation of Luzia (Giovanna Antonelli) with the son Ícaro (Chay Suede) will not last long in the novel "Segundo Sol". Manuela's brother (Luisa Arraes) retreats to Laureta (Adriana Esteves) after her mother is suspected of the alleged murder of Remy (Vladimir Brichta). The trader would be dead if stabbed, but since the coffin will not be opened on his wake, there is a chance that he will live and, like Beto (Emilio Dantas) did, simulate his own death.

Icarus goes after Rosa after mother is accused of murder

For the new television station Icarus is inconsolable, drinks until he falls, and when he is welcomed by the pimp, he has sex with her. Before the encounter with the enemy of the mother and possible commander of the murder, the brother of Valentim (Danilo Mesquita) goes after Rosa (Leticia Colin), but ultimately does not find the former prostitute, with whom she will have sex after she says is pregnant with Beto & # 39; s son. When I stand in front of Laureta, Icarus sniffs. "You were right about my mother … About everything I said about her … You were right … But you're no different, you're not good either!" I'm leaving ", says the son of the former shellfisher, who in his revenge plan will have help from the musician.

& # 39; Your destiny is to return & # 39 ;, says Laureta

Scoundrel, the villain prevents the former michê from leaving. "I will for your worries, my helpless little pet … It is your fate: to always come back to me … Have I ever hurt you, betrayed you? I've always helped you, I've always wanted you good things, "Laureta says, talling Roberval (Fabricio Boliveira) because of his illegal activities, when Karola's ally (Deborah Secco) takes the boy out of the shower. it is not enough for Icarus to keep complaining about life and to say that Luzia, once again, ended the life of Manu and him. "Stop thinking about it, you are now in another world, our world … Here you are protected and I will give you all the love you need, that you deserve … "he asks, who already convinces the boy.

& # 39; Here you have everything & # 39 ;, Laureta

The next morning and still in the brothel, Laureta takes breakfast in bed for her guest and he agrees to live her on the spot, spend some time here, at least until all this dust comes down. You have no money left, you do not work, here you have at least everything you need, a roof, food … I'm already talking s a friend, Icarus, you do not have to lie to me if you do not want it, you do not have to give me anything back. If you want, I'll even offer you a room … Although this place is the best in the house, "he points out, and soon afterwards the son of Luzia goes to Beto's studio and picks up his things [19659008] Guilherme Guidorizzi )

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