Roman & # 39; Second Sun & # 39 ;: Luzia pistol theft to let Laureta and Karola fight. & # 39; Contention & # 39;

Luzia (Giovanna Antonelli) will plan a raid to play Karola (Deborah Secco) against Laureta (Adriana Esteves) in the novel "Segundo Sol". By making use of the fact that the two already disagree and have even changed the tapas because of the money of the alleged death of Remy (Vladimir Brichta), the DJ counts on the help of Galdino (Narcival Rubens) to remove the chain. to get the ex-wife's house by Beto Falcao (Emilio Dantas). The scenes are planned in the chapter on 15 September.

Galdino tells Luzia that Laureta and Karola are fighting

According to columnist Daniel Castro, Luzia – disguised as escaping by Beto and Ionan (Armando Babaioff) with the murder weapon next to Remy's body – will not only help Galdino but also Roberval (Fabrício Boliveira) to take revenge. But it will be the brothel's staff member who will tell Laureta's crimes and that their friendship is shaken because Valentim's mother (Danilo Mesquita) claimed she had no money but bought an expensive necklace. Luzia then has the idea to disappear with the jewel to accuse the owner of the brothel.

& # 39; You're going to steal that chain she bought! & # 39;

While the plan has already been worked out, Luzia begins to instruct Galdino. "She will not notice anything! I have thought of everything, we play Karola against Laureta, let them fight, let the spiders fight, they taste a part of the poison itself," he says. "Let's get the spiders to fight! Excellent! And how will that be?" The employee of Laureta asks. Luzia, who had to steal money from her account at Beto, gives her ally step by step: "It's too simple: you enter Karola's house in a time when she is not there, and she steals the chain she bought. the only question is the password of the safe from Karola. "This is not a problem! The password of Karola's vault is the birthday of her son, "says the man, and Luzia cheers:" These two snakes will taste a part of the poison themselves!

Luzia celebrates theft of Karola's chain: Seed of Discord & # 39;

Galdino then pays an employee of the building where Karola lives and he tells her when the woman is not at home and gives him access to the building. After the short visit to the roof of the woman – where Remy threatens to throw her – Galdino takes the precious chain to Luzia. "I never thought I would like a jewel! This necklace will be the point of contention between Karola and Laureta," celebrates the ex-shellfish.

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