Roman "Time does not stop": Marocas looks at the scissors!

Roman "Time To Not": : Marocas (Juliana Paiva) has already changed the wardrobe and abandoned her 19th-century dresses, corsets and petticoats. To close the transformation, she will cut her hair! In the company of Miss Celine (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho), she goes to a salon and changes when she leaves the long locks behind. After spending the night in the company of Amadeu (Luiz Fernando Guimarães), Dom Sabino (Edson Celulari) returns to the pension and he has to face the anger of Dona Agustina (Rosi Campos): "I can know where you & # 39; At night the situation will be even more complicated for the mother of Kiki (Natthalia Gonçalves) and Nico (Raphaela Alvittos), the sisters of Marocas.A neighborhood consultant goes to the pension and seeks Ms. Sabino Machado: "I have to know if the children have already taken the vaccines and are already enrolled in a school. "

Summary "The Time Not For": next chapters of the novel

(*) Rede Globo edition, Novel "O Tempo Não Para", subject to date and content change.

Years of advances and discoveries that have shaped the habits, customs, and languages ​​of contemporary society will be a shock in a rich nineteenth-century family that wakes up in the twenty-first century. For 132 years Sabino Machado and his households were frozen in an ice block while life went on outside. Now they will wake up in a pulsating and turbulent São Paulo and meet the society by mid-2018. "Tempo Para Para", the new novel of the 7, is written by Mario Teixeira and has artistic direction from Leonardo Nogueira.

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