Sabrina Sato poses 6 months pregnant in the Copacabana Palace and gets kisses from Duda Nagle

Artist does not care about body after pregnancy

After confirming that she is at the helm of the carnival 2019 carnival of Vila Isabel, just three months after the birth, Sabrina Sato said: she will have no neurons for her physical form. "The body that I think we should make it happen as it should be People will understand if I am not in my best shape, because it is natural that I will not be paranoid about it, no, I really want to keep it the breath, because it is very tiring, you have to have physical training as an athlete, "he explained. And assured that despite the festivities will not come loose from the daughter: "Of course I will breastfeed and in no time I will leave my obligations as mother next to me."

Presenter fattened 11 pounds

Sabrina Sato, owner of a sculptural body, leaves the diet during her pregnancy. "I have already won 11 kg, they are a lot of changes, not only on the outside … In the stomach, in the poop and all, but internal changes I am very happy, feel very hot, very beautiful," said the artist, who said she was not doing nothing at the moment with physical form. For Sabrina, admission to the hospital and full rest during early pregnancy was one of the most important factors for her weight gain: "I got about 3, 4 kg in hospital, then I came home and fucked myself for me."

Girl does not have a defined name yet

Sabrina Sato has several options for names in mind, but has not yet decided how her first daughter will be registered. During a recent trip to the United States, where she made the baby's launch, the artist joked about Mickey Mouse for help in choosing her name. Leda Nagle, the grandmother of the father of the baby, decided that the girl will have a provisional name until the final decision: "My granddaughter without name, I will call Nina … until they decide to name …".

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