Sasha makes shyness aside and dares to look at an event

Sasha leaves shyness aside and dares to look at event - Manuela Scarpa / Brazil News

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Sasha Meneghel, more and more at ease with public life, was the focus of attention at the event of the cosmetics brand Aussie, at Feres House, in the Jardins district, on Friday evening (24).

On her way through the capital, the daughter of Xuxa Meneghel and Luciano Szafir told the reporters that once she attends her fashion school in New York, where she lives, she will study in Europe, probably in Italy.

Carol Marra and Mica Rocha were also present at the event.

Beauty present ambassador, the fashion student sensitized sensitively in black leather pants, metallised and transparent tank top, her black bra on display and making clear that her usual shyness belongs to the past.

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