Taís Araújo and Sérgio Malheiros meet again in the Dance of the Famous & # 39;

Fourteen years after the novel & # 39; Da Cor do Pecado & # 39; once again we see Taís Araújo and Sérgio Malheiros sharing the scene on Globo.

Fábio Garcia


2 Sep 2018, 9:12 am

The second phase of the & # 39;Celebrity Dance& # 39; Started in the & # 39;Domingão do Faustão& # 39; This time in the forró rhythm. The presentation of Sunday (02) was only from the men's team and they all had to show the skill of shaken, gingado and a lot of dance coladinha to the joy of the audience. But one of the most exciting moments of the night did not necessarily come from a musical performance.

One of the jury members of the artistic bank & # 39; Famous Dance & # 39; was the actress Taís Araújo, for the coming season of & # 39; Popstar & # 39; to present. Except that the actress was in a somewhat unfair situation: she had to judge the presentation of Sérgio Malheiros. If you do not understand it yet, let us remember that they know each other from the data of Looonga, after all two of them lived mother and child in the novel "Da Cor do Pecado & # 39 ;, 2004. In that, Preta and Rai with the prejudices of the other characters and moved the country with beautiful scenes of brotherly love.

Preta and Raí in the novel The Color of Sin

(Globe / Disclosure)

The affection between the actors must also be reflected by the cameras, because Taís was very excited to analyze his son's fiction. "Mama & # 39; s son, love for my life!"Shot the actress before giving a 10 for her performance.

Although he gave up that legal moment, it was not enough to let Sérgio Malheiros shoot the match. The former colleague of Taís Araújo stayed inside fourth place in the final classificationbehind Danton Mello, Nando Rodrigues and Léo Jaime. The men's flash lamp consists of Fiuk and Anderson Tomazini.

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