The Farm: Nadja refuses to excuse Perlla after an argument

To put an end to the fight between Nadja Pessoa and Perlla, Ana Paula Renault had a very serious conversation with the business woman on Sunday afternoon (30), the former BBB tried to show that the Funkeira really would not have acted for the evil during the discussion between them two.

Even when she heard the theory that she was not going to harm it, D & # 39; Black's wife remained steadfast and would not excuse the peony.

During the interview Ana Paula said that after a while the staff could see that the image of Nadja Pessoa was really misrepresented, according to her friend she showed that she is a nice person and a definite end, but the fight with the caused the label to be seen again by the other members.

"They really did not want to hurt you, in the beginning you were friends, they were together for 24 hours so that they would do it, for what purpose," said Renault.

In response to her friend, the blonde said that Perlla had come to the game that had been instructed by her advisor and that she had a completely drawn game plan to win the dispute.

"She got instructions from her advisor, the idea to come to us was to make the trio machine gun, and based on the other reality shows we've experienced, she would become unbeatable by joining Nadja and Ana Paula," said the former Power Couple participant.

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