Time does not stop: Samuca makes important announcements

The Time To Not: Samuca makes important announcement - Press release / TV Globo / Time Not For

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The chapter of this Tuesday (21) of The Time Not Para, present novel of 19h of the Globe, should be marked by a major announcement by Samuca (Nicolas Prattes). All because the boy has to communicate his interest in buying the company Criotec.

All this has to happen, shortly after the protagonist had made an emergency landing due to problems with the plane, during a special tour he was doing, with Marocas (Juliana Paiva).

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Dom Sabino gives the hand of Marocas to Samuca. Marciana leads Menelaus and Cesaria to Dom Sabino. Emilio is annoyed to learn that Samuca asked Marocas to marry him. Agustina does not accept Samuca's request to Marocas. Cesária and Menelau are very happy to find the family. Coronela makes a deal with Theophilus and insinuates itself to frozen & # 39 ;. Vera Lucia escapes from Samvita. Amadeu suggests to Petra that there is a traitor in his team. Marino and Monalisa are losing the house. Waleska sees Teófilo in Coronela's room. Samuca announces that it wants to buy Criotec.

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