Video shows the forró singer who attacks the ex-wife for the small son

The frontman of the band Brilhantes do Forró, Francisco Luciano dos Santos, the ex-wife mistreated for her 6-year-old son and two other children in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, on Monday. Images from the security cameras of an elevator recorded exactly the moment of confusion. The information was revealed by the G1.

In the video it is possible to see how the aggressor pushes and hits the woman, who tries to defend himself. The current partner of the musician tries to separate the two, but can not.

The victim condemned the attack on the local civil police and testified Tuesday morning (21) to the specialized police station for women's help (Deam) in Parnamirim, the metropolitan region of the capital. The deputy of the case will ask the court for protective measures against the man.

In social networks, the ex-wife of the singer commented on the situation. "He came out in his underwear and shirt and started attacking me, the worst was that my son was a witness, it's too much for his little head, Francisco mistreated me all the time, including the pregnancy, but I was young. I was scared, and after five years I decided to divorce. "

Check the moment of aggression:

Cantor de forró robbed ex-wife for her 6-year-old son in Natal; see videoVista singer Brilhantes do Forró, Francisco Luciano dos Santos was reported by the ex-wife to the Civil Police. If this happened on Monday (20). Security cameras have been caught fire when Francisco Luciano dos Santos, singer of the band Brilhantes do Forró, defeated his ex-wife for his 6-year-old son in Natal on Monday. The images show the aggressions in the corridor and elevator of the condominium where the singer lives and the accordionist. The victim condemned the case to the Civil Police and this morning (21) gave a testimony to the deputy Renata Costa, Vrouw (Deam) of Parnamirim, metropolitan region of the capital. The deputy will ask the court to take protective measures against the man. Http:// from-6-years-in-Christmas-see- video /

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