Virguloids guitarist dies as a result of a domestic accident

Virguloids guitarist dies by a domestic accident - Reproduction / Instagram / @ marcttari

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This week started with a very sad news, the death of guitarist Marcello Cassetari, 51 years. He died in Praia Grande, on the São Paulo coast, after a domestic accident. The musician was known in the nineties for the song Bagulho after Bumba and the funeral took place last Wednesday (22).

According to family members, Marcello slipped into the bathroom when he left the bathroom.

"I spoke with his ex-wife after death, saying that he slipped and put his back on the pot," said Paulo Jiraya, one of Marcello's comrades in the band Virgulóides, to the G1.

After the incident, he was taken to the hospital. The tests showed that there was a rib fracture, but Marcello was released.

A day after the accident, the guitarist was brought back to the hospital by SAMU, with a lot of pain.

"That's where he died, they tried to revive, but without success," Paulo complained.

According to Jiraya, the family believes that there have been medical errors and the IML report accuses internal bleeding as the cause of death.

The musician left two children behind.

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