Viviane Araújo takes sambando wave of yarn bikini – 13/09/2018

Viviane Araújo showed all her ginggo when publishing a video on his Instagram this Thursday (13). For the record, the actress appears a lot of sambando, dressed in a string bikini.

"Every day … just joy !!" she added.

Vivi's followers were impressed by his broken and, of course, his good shape. "Relax," one noted. "Motivation of the day: sambar and not swinging", another joked. "She is a samba to society with this beautiful body," wrote another.

Queen of drums in Rio, in Salgueiro, and in São Paulo, in the Mancha Verde, Vivi recently denied the rumors that she would leave the function of the school in Rio.

"I am still the queen of the drums of the Salgueiro," says the note, saying that I would be smart to approach the other record for fear of losing my post. Regina, today, when she heard the note, she called me in person, spoke to me on the phone, said there was no such thing, that she never said anything like that. She told me that I am still a queen of the school, she told me about her affection, about the respect she has for me. This is very annoying, people want to intrigue, "she said.

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