Weekly summary – novel Malhação Vidas Brasileiras from 27 August to 31 August

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View the summary of the week of the novel below "Malhação" Brazilian Lives, 8-08-2018 until 31-08-2018. The soap is shown on the channel "Globo", starting at 17.50.

Summary of the novel "Malhação" Vidas Brasileiras (Globo) de Monday, 27/08 – Chapter 124

Alex travels with Maria Alice and supports his girlfriend. Gabriela is worried about Alex's journey and Rafael reassures her. Ursula, Flora, Tito, Márcio and Garoto think to find Maria Alice and Alex in Barreirinhas. Paulo and Marli try to hide from Getúlio that they are together. Rosalia, Maria Alice and Alex arrive at the house of Penha. Maria Alice is tense when she remembers Rei and Alex is surprised by the reactions of Maria Alice when she returns to the city where she grew up. The bus that brought Tito, Boy, Flora, Ursula, Hugo, Michael, Márcio, Pérola, Kavaco and Amanda to Barreirinhas breaks the way. Márcio suggests that they take a ride in a truck. Maria Alice remains unmoved at the funeral of her uncle. Barbara and Leandro meet Alvaro and Verena together. Maria Alice is happy with the death of her uncle and Alex does not understand her attitude.

Summary of the novel "Malhação" Vidas Brasileiras (Globo) de Tuesday, 28/08 – Chapter 125

King watches Maria Alice from afar. Gabriela and Rafael celebrate the fact that they are alone at home. Alex presses Maria Alice to talk about her relationship with her uncle, but she evades. Mel and Getúlio realize that Paulo and Marli are very close. Maria Alice remembers her relationship with King and Jade is encouraged to see Santiago playing football and leaving Eric with jealousy. Everyone arrives in Penha's house in Barreirinhas and Maria Alice disturbs herself. Maria Alice is embraced by her friends and is enthusiastic. Alex goes out with them to get to know the city and Maria Alice stays at home. Alvaro and Verena come together. The honey catches the kisses of Paulo and Marli. Rei is looking for Maria Alice.

Summary of the novel "Malhação" Vidas Brasileiras (Globo) de Wednesday, Day 29/08 – Chapter 126

Maria Alice has a fear crisis after receiving the message from Rei Mel tells Gabriela that she has seen the kiss of Paulo and Marli. Gabriela and Rafael reassure Mel, who likes their new relationship. Dandara argues with Marcelo. Michael is being bullied by three young people from Barreirinhas. Jade approaches Santiago after the game, but is intercepted by Érico. Márcio pretends to be Michael's friend and frees him from the homophobic threats. Eric and Jade kiss. The friends convince Maria Alice to go to a country party. Mel talks to Paul and calls Gabriela and Rafael to go to Le Kebek with them. The double king and Naldo appear at the party and Maria Alice despairs.

Summary of the novel "Malhação" Vidas Brasileiras (Globo) de Thursday, 30/08 – Chapter 127

Alex presses Maria Alice to tell him the truth. Paulo, Marli, Gabriela and Rafael are ashamed at dinner at Le Kebek, presented by Mel. Rei and Naldo sing sexist music, and Ursula and Pearl blame them. Márcio decides to approach the young people who laughed at Maria Alice. Leandro invites Barbara to leave. Verena regrets that Alvaro does not want anything serious with her. Pearl and Ursula try to hide Alice Alice from the reason she ran away from the show. Maria Alice asks to be alone. Leandro kisses Barbara. Márcio discovers details about the relationship between Maria Alice and King.

Summary of the novel "Malhação" Vidas Brasileiras (Globo) de Friday, 31/08 – Chapter 128

Márcio tells Pérola that the involvement of Maria Alice and Rei has not ended well and both intuitively that the girl is suffering to long for him. Alvaro finds Verena in Le Kebek. Leandro tries to leave with Barbara, but she admits that she has other plans. Hugo tells everyone what Márcio has discovered about Maria Alice and Rei, Verena and Alvaro kiss each other. Márcio provokes Alex and insinuates that Maria still likes Alice Rei. Boy and Tito decide to talk to Rei and he explains the confusion of their music to both. Jade accepts Santiago's invitation to leave and makes Erico jealous.

The content of the summaries of the novel "Malhação" Vidas Brasileiras is the responsibility of the broadcaster, so the Giro does not change TV of changes made to the editions of the chapters.

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