Whindersson Nunes shows & # 39; before and after & # 39; Lose 15 kg and quarrel with a follower

Youtuber Whindersson Nunes was annoyed by the remark of a fan who criticized a message he did with:before and after"from his body after losing 15 kilos.

Whindersson Nunes shows his & # 39; before and after & # 39; photo.

Whindersson Nunes shows his & # 39; before and after & # 39; photo.

Photo: Twitter / @whindersson / Estadão content

The original caption of the publication had the following sentence: "Who wants (as I wanted) to find a way, who does not want (as I often did not want), makes an excuse."

"There are people who do not have the money to pay for a gym, supplements, a nutritionist, a person who does not have the time and worries about the food on the table, but Whindersson (who just dropped out) commented on a follower on the tweet.

Whindersson said, "I just lost weight, I've been trying to give up for two years and I've been stuffed with so much accordion in my legs."

"Six months ago I ran like a motherfucker in the morning and changed my food.Two weeks ago I started with my personal friend.It does not want, it does not get in the way, p ***," she snapped .

"P ***, there are people who have problems, but there are people who just need a little push, it's for these people I'm talking about, p ***. […] If that person has depression, then it is clear that in her case it is a delicate matter, it is clear that she has to treat it differently, "he justified.

Whindersson further assured that his weight loss was not hampered by more serious problems: "I only ate mess day and night because I really wanted it"

View the post before and after Whindersson Nunes and the following discussion with the follower:

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