With skirmishes, season three of the & # 39; MasterChef Professionals & # 39; today

The new year has the most evidence of the history of the program and the activity in nature, where competitors have to make their own fire to cook


21 August 2018, 13:02 – published on 21 August 2018, 12 noon

The third season of MasterChef Professionals begins on Tuesday at 22:30 in Band, with a novelty: borrowing a fifth season element of reality with amateurs, which ended at the end of July, the program will have clashes between competitors for the selection of those who will contest the award.

Formerly, the cooks of the My account were chosen by production, without the selection being shown to the public. A preselection has now been made and 26 candidates compete for 14 places at the reality show. They will be broken down by type of kitchen they are accustomed to working with, such as Italian, regional, vegetarian, etc.

The presentation follows with Ana Paula Padrão and the jury, with Paola Carosella, Erick Jacquin and Henrique Fogaça. In an interview, the cooks told about the difference in judging dishes from amateurs and professionals. "Amateur, I like it because you can swear," joked Jacquin. "We have a story about a woman with a fish restaurant in the northeast and we had to know how to tell her that what she does is great, but in that case (in a test of the program) Not good, "said Paola." We are all different, each has his style and skills and baggage. "

The season will have the biggest test MasterChef – chefs will have to prepare a meal for 350 people in the NBB star game, the annual event of the official competition of the Brazilian basketball championship – and also an activity in nature, where competitors have to make the fire themselves. Traditional events, such as the mysterious box and the reproduction of dishes by renowned chefs, will also be seen on reality.

The winner will take 200,000 reais, cookware and a monthly store voucher in a network like supermarkets for a year.

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