76 overdoses in 24 hours and 71 people admitted to the hospital. "The bodies fell in the park"

Tuesday night. The authorities are told that some people should see overdoses. In the three and a half hours that followed, 18 overdoses occurred. At 22.00 hours the emergency services were called to respond to 76 suspected overdoses in New Haven Green Park, not far from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

bodies literally fell into different parts of the park, presumed overdoses, "a local journalist told the Telegraph." I have never seen anything like it. "

US authorities believe the source of overdoses is the consumption of K2 , a synthetic cannabis-like drug, possibly fentanyl (an opiate) Meanwhile, the US medicines division analyzed the samples collected by the authorities and confirmed that it was pure K2, says NBC Connecticut, but there are still more examples to investigate.

"Do not come green to buy this K2. You make people very quickly unconscious, they have respiratory problems. Do not put your life at risk, "said Anthony Campbell, head of the New Haven police, quoted by the local WVIT TV channel.

This is a cannabis strain that is ingested, the firefighters said the case of a man who was treated in the hospital for an overdose and, as soon as he was discharged, returned to the park, digested again and suffered a second overdose.

Of the 76 requests for help, 71 were taken to hospital, two are in serious condition, so far no fatalities have been reported, some people fell unconscious on the floor, others vomited, were nauseous or apathetic "I am extremely grateful for the speed and efficiency of those who are the first have given answers that have helped to revive, transport and store these victims, Toni Harp, a mayor of Connecticut, was quoted by The Independent. According to the New York Times, authorities arrested two people on Wednesday suspicion of overdose. Both had K2 and were charged with drug possession.

But this is not the first time that mass overdoses have been registered. In New York, in May, 56 people were treated for the consumption of K2, and in July, when 130 people were admitted to hospital for the same reason.

The United States has struggled to cope with a new number of deaths from consumption, which have reached record levels, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The report also reveals that opiates such as fentanyl are more dead than guns, HIV and traffic accidents.

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