A woman over 50 gives a day; advance payment is 37% in 10 years

SÃO PAULO – Call center analyst Vera Lucia Gomes married at the age of 42, but only long after the biological clock spoke louder. "We spent 11 quiet years without thinking about having children, until the moment I realized that the woman has a" validity period "to be a mother, and if I wanted to, it would to be now. " [19659002] With the help of a specialized clinic, she and her husband, Chief Executive Jefferson Gomes, 45, became pregnant with a pair of twins at the first attempt – which is unusual for artificial reproduction. "I wanted to be pregnant, my children grow in me, my blood fed the babies."

She says that her doctor had warned her of the increased risks of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and premature birth, but states that the pregnancy was calm. "I was accompanied by other doctors, did routine exams and Anthony and Valentina were born healthy after 36 weeks of pregnancy." Baby's spent 20 days in the intensive care unit for weight gain.

Today, after 2 years and 3 months, they are taken care of by Vera, who has quit her job to dedicate herself to her children. According to him, the weight of age does not stand in the way.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, between 2007 and 2016 the number of mothers increased by 37% after 50 years – from 261 to 358 (on average almost one delivery per day). According to José Hiran Gallo, president of the Technical Chamber of Assisted Reproduction of the Federal Council for Medicine (CFM), the number seems small, but it shows a tendency to increase cases of searching for late motherhood.

For a short period, the CFM got a veto for assisted reproductive processes for women over 50, but this ban dropped in 2015 despite increased demand. "The resolution has always focused on preserving women's health, never harming them, but we have realized that women are becoming healthier and live longer, why they are out of being able to be mothers?", Gallo says.

] Thereafter, in view of the increase in demand, the CFM asks that women who are interested in these treatments sign a consent form, being aware of the greater risks of problems during pregnancy. "The best age to get pregnant is between 17 and 25, but we know that this is happening less and less." A natural pregnancy after the age of 50 is very rare and unlikely, so there are techniques for assisted reproduction, "he says

Healthy uterus The greatest threshold to become pregnant after the age of 50 is with regard to the eggs – the older the woman is, the worse the quality of the egg, and she stops the menopause at the menopause, which makes the chance of a natural pregnancy at a distance.One of the alternatives is to freeze eggs when you are younger or ovodoatie to use (when you receive the egg from a younger donor with similar physical characteristics).

According to the human reproductive specialist Alfonso Araújo Massaguer, the uterus does not age at the same rate as egg cells, so if the woman has a healthy and healthy uterus during the day, her chance of becoming pregnant is about 60%. "If women use their ovulation, for example, the risk of abortion and s Down's ylowroom is very low, "she says. But the doctor stresses that there are still risks associated with late pregnancy, such as diabetes, hypertension and preterm birth.

The property broker Vânia Aparecida de Souza, 52, was already a grandmother and had two children from the first marriage when she decided to become a mother again, with the current husband, Pastor Jeovan Souza, 48. Because she was not in menopause, she sought help with assisted reproduction – and she succeeded in the first attempt

The twins came: Jeovan Isaac and Sara Raquel, today with 2 years and 3 months. Although she has high blood pressure, she says she was followed and had a quiet gestation period. "I take care of and play with them, but I must admit that I did not have the same sting from years ago, but I still do not regret it," he says. According to her, there is no problem when they ask if it is the grandmother of the children. "I answer that I am the mother and ready, it does not shake me."

Creation According to psychologist Jureuda Duarte Guerra, of the Federal Council for Psychology, the age difference between parents and children and even between brothers and sisters of different generations is no cause for concern. "Today families are built in different ways: older mothers, younger parents, gay couples, independent mothers." "Motherhood at every stage of life is the reproductive right of a woman," she says. "We must demystify this understanding that a woman can not be an older mother, and if something happens to her, that child still has her father." What is important for the development of the child is living in a happy and loving environment. "[19659013] Mother of twins says she would do it all again

23 years ago married, Leslie Biasi's airway went through four miscarriages before she was able to get pregnant at age 50 and gave birth to twins Enrico and Lorenzo, now 1 year and 3 months old

She tried natural pregnancy for eight years and, after four near-accidents, felt that she would never fulfill her dream Abortions were always between the 8th and 12th week , by which the airport investigates the causes.

Thrombophilia found – a coagulation that "clogs" the umbilical cord, leading to the arrival of oxygen and nutrients for the fetus.

The airway has omitted the pregnancy plan between 2008 and 2014, when It is believed that it is used, but the bureaucracy and waiting time for a newborn discouraged Leslie again. "In that period I gave up, I was emotionally and psychologically tired," she says, two years th has had erection.

In 2015 she was encouraged by the gynecologist to try again. Leslie was looking for another specialist and became pregnant with triplets at the first attempt – then one of the fetuses stopped developing. Out of fear of further loss, he hid the family's pregnancy until he was four months old. To prevent thrombophilia, she had to apply an injection in the stomach of the anticoagulant daily.

For her, nothing had changed in the routine of giving birth to twins at the age of 50. Leslie, she says, continues to work and read many pregnancy books to help her with this task. "I provide normal and very slow for my children," he says. "Sometimes I get caught thinking about when I'm healthy to be with them, but I do not let it shake me, I have no regrets and would do it all over again."

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