accidents result in fractures and serious injuries

Physical exercises can be practiced in old age, but professional guidance is necessary.

The population with more than 60 years in Brazil has increased and with that the concern about the health and quality of life of these people is growing. At this stage, avoidance of falls is essential, because accidents can result in fractures, injuries, reduced self-esteem and loss of autonomy of the elderly.

Simple measures such as changing smooth carpets by anti-slip mats, lighting the house and placing utensils and messages in places that are easily accessible, help prevent them from tumbling indoors.

The height of the bed and the chairs must be adjusted so that elderly people can stay on the floor while sitting. If possible, it is best to avoid the use of steps. Handrails on stairs and toilets are allies to avoid falling.

Stay informed

Due to the special health conditions of older people, it is necessary to double their attention for the most common causes of falls such as dizziness caused by changes in labyrinthitis, osteoporosis, blood pressure drop, weakness and diseases such as Parkinson's.

Do not be ashamed

Some seniors are embarrassed or refuse to use reed, walker, stool or wheelchair. These measures are indicated by the doctor to prevent accidents.

Important tips

Regular physical activity keeps bones and muscles strong. In addition, it is necessary to consult a doctor in case of dizziness or imbalance.

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