Catanduva records 53 cases of severe flu

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Catanduva reported 53 cases of severe flu in the first eight months of this year. The information comes from the Municipal Health Office through the epidemiological bulletin released this week. Despite the figures, the sector is of the opinion that positive cases in the municipality are stagnating.
Catanduva had no registered deaths this year, but in the region the flu killed six people.
According to the epidemiological bulletin 40 positive cases of the H1N1 A virus, 12 of the subtype A H3 Seasonal and one of Influenza B.
"The cases of flu registered in Catanduva started to stagnate, and in August there was only one diagnosis of the disease," notes Pasta. According to the sector, 166 reports of influenza were also recorded during the period.
"A total of 113 tests were negative for the disease, and the city experienced the period of the largest viral activity of the influenza virus in June," he emphasizes.
A task force was set up in June to combat the disease. Secretary of Health, experts and institutions of the city united with the campaign "Catanduva United Against Influenza". The goal was to increase the number of people who had been immunized against the flu.
Influenza is an acute infection that affects the respiratory system, with a high potential for transmission Surveillance is performed by monitoring hospitalized patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) symptoms ", concludes Salud.
Experts warn that the symptoms of flu are: high fever, pain in the body and the throat, exhaustion, a lot of headache and dry cough.

Karla Sibro
Local reporting

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