"Coconut oil is pure poison," says Harvard researcher

Harvard epidemiologist Karin Michel says that coconut oil is "one of the worst things anyone can eat"

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24 August 2018, 7.15 pm – Posted on 24 August 2018, 09.44 am

The epidemiologist Karin Michelof the university from Harvard, a video in German has more than 970 thousand times viewed in the YouTube after comparison coconut oil, one of the darlings of nutritionists in recent years, to "pure poison".

In a lecture entitled Coconut oil and other nutritional errors & # 39; at the University of Freiburg, where she runs the Institute for Tumor Prevention and Epidemiology, Karin says that the product is one of the worst things anyone can eat.

According to her, coconut oil is more dangerous than it is bathed because it contains almost exclusively saturated fatty acids, which increase the cholesterol level (the bad and the good) and can block the coronary arteries.

It is in line with the guidelines of the American Heart Association (AHA), which were updated last year, and which also recommend that people avoid saturated fat as found in coconut oil.

The presentation in German has been translated into English by the website Business insider and was quoted by The New York Times. The American newspaper noted, however, that while many experts are skeptical about the high popularity of coconut oil advertised as healthy food or superfood, they are not as dramatic as the researcher.

Other scientists quoted by the journal indicate that there is no scientific evidence to date to show that its use offers benefits, while on the other hand there are still recommendations from the US government to reduce the consumption of saturated fat. to prevent heart problems.

However, this is a topic that has been controversial in recent years, with several other studies criticizing the evidence that points to this risk.

In the light of the success of the German researcher's video, the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabology (Sbem) and the Brazilian Association for the Study of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (Abeso) also published a position on the subject:

"Considering that there is no evidence or physiological mechanism that causes coconut oil to lose weight." Given the fact that the use of coconut oil can be harmful to patients because of their high concentration of saturated fatty acids, Sbem and Abeso are opposed to the therapeutic use of coconut oil. in view of weight loss, given that such behavior has no scientific evidence of efficacy and presents potential health risks. "

Entities say they also do not recommend the regular use of coconut oil as cooking oil because of the high content of saturated and pro-inflammatory fats. "The use of vegetable oils with higher unsaturated fats (such as soya, olive oil, canola and linseed) is preferable to cardiovascular risk reduction."

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