D-day campaign against measles and polio at SC: 100,000 children must be vaccinated

Children who have not yet been vaccinated against measles and polio, can go to the health clinics on Saturday 18 January when the National Vaccination Campaign D-Day takes place. The goal is to vaccinate 100,000 Santa Catarina children from one to less than five. To do this, all 1,100 vaccination rooms will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., without closure for lunch. Even those who have already been vaccinated should take a new dose.

The national campaign runs until 31 August. The purpose of the mobilization is to immunize at least 95% of the 339,800 children from one to less than five years of the state. But in the first two weeks of mobilization, the state still seems to be below schedule, yielding 32% of vaccine coverage during this period. The figures, collected on Friday at 14:00 in the National Immunization Program information system, show that SC posts vaccinated 28% of the target population. SC Immunization Manager Vanessa Vieira da Silva explains that municipalities can still update the data until Saturday morning, which will change the scenario.

– The secretariat's assessment is that the demand is still below expectations, as we have nine states with outbreaks of measles in the country and 13 cases in Rio Grande do Sul, so we thought the demand for the parents would be very high

One of the main cities of Santa Catarina is the situation more critical in Lages, with coverage of about 11% until Friday afternoon. The highest rates are in Criciúma and Joinville, which are more than 30%. Florianópolis presents 19% for polio and 25% for measles. The focus of the SC Health Department is that cities that do not reach 62% by the end of this Saturday, will hold another D-Day next Saturday. It is also recommended to take other actions, such as active search for children through community agents. health, vaccination in schools and from house to house.

– It is important to remember that anyone who has contact with measles anywhere in the country and gets sick, can transfer the virus to an unvaccinated person and nowadays this transit between states is very fast – enhances the immunization Dive -SC.

In poliomyelitis, children who have taken no dose during their lifetime will receive the inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine (VIP). Those younger than five who have already taken one or more doses of the vaccine will receive the Polio vaccine Vaccine Poliomyelitis, the droplet. For measles, all children receive one dose of the MMR vaccine, regardless of vaccination status, as long as they have not been vaccinated in the past 30 days. The dose, in addition to measles, protects against rubella and mumps.

Coverage percentages of the campaign in the main cities of Santa Catarina:

Santa Catarina
Poliomyelitis 27.99%
Measles 28.23%

Poliomyelitis 20,11%
Measles 17,18%

Poliomyelitis 25.74%
Measles 25.67%

Poliomyelitis 32.9%
Measles 32,07%

Poliomyelitis 19.89%
Measles 25.35%

Poliomyelitis 30.06%
Measles 34,31%

Polyomelite 11,04%

Measles 10.88%

Questions and answers

When and where does the campaign take place?
Between 6 and 31 August, with D-Day scheduled for August 18, at health posts throughout the country. In the state 1,102 vaccination rooms are participating in the campaign.

What is the focus of the campaign?
Children aged 1 year and 5 years incomplete (4 years, 11 months and 29 days).

Children who have previously been vaccinated must be taken to the stations?
Yes. All children between the ages of one and under five must visit the stations. Those who have the incomplete vaccination schedule receive the doses needed for the update and who has the full vaccination schedule, a new stimulus.

Are there risks when taking too many doses?
There are no risks & # 39; s.

Does one of the vaccines have contraindications?
No, but children with immunosuppressive diseases must undergo a medical evaluation.

What is the vaccine against polio?
Children who have never been immunized against polio will receive the inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine (VIP) in injectable form. Children who have received one or more doses against polio receive the Vaccine Oral Polio (VOP) in the form of a drop.

Which vaccine is used against measles?
The vaccine against measles used in the campaign is the triple virus, which also protects against rubella and mumps.

What to take?
The vaccination booklet. But even those who do not have the document have to go to the clinic for immunization.

Did adults take part in the campaign?
No. The campaign targets children, but as planned in the national vaccination calendar, adults up to 29 years of age who have not completed the childhood schedule should receive two doses of MMR and adults of 30-49 years of age receive a dose of MMR. triple viral. The adult who does not know his vaccination situation must go to the nearest clinic to take the expected dose for his age group.

In the country to see, SC counts on the work of vaccines to be a reference in [Ministerie van Volksgezondheid bevestigt 822 gevallen van mazelen in Brazilië] Vaccination is decreasing and new outbreaks threaten Brazil. After all, what explains this retrocession?

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