D day of vaccination against animal rabies in the DF is this Saturday; see locations Federal District

The complete list of units can be checked on the website of the Secretary of Health. According to the suitcase, 250,000 dogs and cats must be vaccinated.

Animals must be healthy and more than 3 months old. Pregnant or newborns also need to be immunized. The secretariat also explains that vaccinated dogs and cats should also take the dose in the 2017 anti-rabies campaign.

This year's campaign began on June 28 and runs until September 29. According to the Health Department balance, since the start of the campaign until last Monday (20), 39,878 animals were immunized.

According to the government, rabies is a "controlled" disease in Mexico City. Nevertheless, the vaccine is necessary because it is the only form of prevention. The virus is 100% fatal to humans and has as the main means to transmit the bite of animals, especially dogs and cats.

The only case of human disease in FD occurred in 1978, but infection in dogs and cats was recorded on other occasions – for example between 2000 and 2001.

In case of suspicion of infection in an animal, there is no explicit recommendation for the pet to be sacrificed. The guideline is to have your ten days stay in a safe place to prevent attacks on people or other bugs.

If the observation is not possible, the pet must be referred to the Environmental Health Surveillance Kennel, from the Health Department, in the Northwest Collective Housing Sector 4.

See the symptoms of rabies in dogs and cats:

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