Do you know what multiple sclerosis is? Meet the disease!

The disease affects people between 30 and 40 years.

Multiple sclerosis affects 2.5 million people worldwide. In most cases, people around 30â € "s, 40â € ™ s. In Brazil, the disease affects more young women. When it comes to sexually related disorders, the figures are alarming. The incidence of dysfunction in MS patients can reach 90% among men and ranges from 55 to 75% in women, according to the book Sexuality and Multiple Sclerosis.

Of unknown cause, it is characterized by affecting the central nervous system causing motor and sensory problems, which directly affect the life of the carriers. According to experts, the prevalence of changes in sexual function in individuals with multiple sclerosis is greater compared to the general population.

The most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis are loss of balance and motor coordination, tingling in the body and loss of strength and vision. This set of factors is called an outbreak. The intensity and interval between the outbreaks vary depending on the stage of the patient's life and may, depending on the severity, have consequences.

"Despite the delicate image that patients often experience, it is possible to control the disease with the right treatment and less influence on relationships with people or on intimate involvement, so it's important to quickly find a specialist as soon as you The sooner the treatment is started, the lower the risk of the disease breaking out and the consequences serious, "warns neurologist Vera Lúcia.

Treatment associated with the daily day of the patient

Although there is still no cure, the treatments try to reduce the inflammatory activity and outbreaks, improving the quality of the patient's sexual life.

The BENEFIT study, which was followed for 11 years by the US and European Multiple Sclerosis Treatment and Research Committees in Boston, Massachusetts, shows that early treatment with Betaferon (betainterferon-1b) reduces the effects of motor and sensory disorders. first phase. "Physical activity also contributes to the treatment of the patient," adds the neurologist.

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