Loo against hair loss and baldness already on the market in Brazil and the United States

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Before and after: according to the researchers, treatment with the product shows results between three and four months of use (photo: Yeva / Divulgao)

People susceptible to baldness or hair loss can rely on a new product that works directly on hair strands, strengthens the hair follicle and stimulates the growth of hair cells. The capillary was the result of 30 years of research by the Institute of Biological Sciences (ICB) of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, and it was authorized to produce on an industrial scale by the company Yeva Cosmticos, based in Itana, the central region of the state, which had to expand its facilities to meet the growing number of orders in Brazil and the United States (both authorized by local health monitoring authorities to market the product).

The company works with an estimated production and monthly sales of 150,000 units. Sanctio, the commercial name of the product, is already being sold on e-commerce sites and pharmacy networks. A bottle with 20 ml costs between $ 130 and $ 150 and lasts for about 40 days. The difference that during the test phase the product shows no side effects that are observed with other medicines used for this purpose. The patent for the laboratory phase is from UFMG, which has entered into a partnership with the cosmetics industry. The royalties from the sale and use of the product are addressed to the university and serve to finance other research fronts. The start of the studies was 30 years ago, by Professor Robson dos Santos, who discovered a molecule that was present in the human body and was later covered with liposomes (very small vesicles capable of carrying active principles) by the researcher. in nanotechnology Fredeiric Frezzard.

The pharmacist, professor at the University of UNA, Ana Paula Corra Oliveira Bahia, during a doctorate at the UFMG, he composed a group of researchers who developed the liposome formula for typical use, which had to be applied to the skin layers: "The laboratories have different lines with research and our group studied the application for hair growth ". The research phase against baldness lasted four years. The results have been sent by a company that specializes in clinical trials, in So Paulo, who has selected 90 volunteers, who record the increase in hair growth, more in men than in women, without leaving the hair oily, without the characteristics of the thread and without any reaction to change allergic.

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Ana Paula Corra Oliveira Bahia, during a doctorate at the UFMG, was part of the group of researchers who developed the liposome formulation (photo: Gladyston Rodrigues / EM / D.A Press)

The treatment lasts between three and four months to present the first results, explains the pharmacology and there is no indication of the age category to be started. "The most important thing is that the area to be applied has a hair follicle (or the follicle of the pilosebceo), the cavity in which the hair is born.The follicle dies with time and then it becomes impossible to restore the achieved surface, so it is important to start treatment with the first signs of baldness, "he warns.

The lightweight, non-oily formulation consists of a dab that must be dripped into the baldness control area at night and allowed to dry naturally. It must be of continuous use. The liquid reaches the deepest layer of the skin, without reaching the bloodstream, nourishes the thread and allows it to grow.

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Carina Soares, founder and commercial director of Yeva, said that the negotiations for the industrialization and commercialization of the product were the result of the technical sector of the company, which started the negotiations as soon as the information about the discovery of the formula arrived. "The product, patented on a laboratory scale, required a development process on an industrial scale, while maintaining quality and characteristics." It was two years of adjustments. The company practically doubled the number of direct employees and generated other indirect positions. He invested in equipment. A partner company installed in BHTec, Alamantec, has drawn up licensing procedures for the use of technology by Yeva, which today has the exclusivity of production and commercialization in Brazil and the US.

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"The company has practically doubled the number of employees, a long process, with substantial investments, always in collaboration with companies and researchers in the sense of mutual support in all phases" – Carina Soares, commercial director of Yeva (photo: Jair Amaral / EM / DA Press)

Carina Soares strengthened the importance of industrial partnerships with universities and research institutions: "a long process, with considerable investments, always in a partnership and researchers on the way to mutual support at all stages."

This collaboration ended shortly before the federal government announced austerity measures in the area of ​​research and technology. In an interview with Brazil Network for Communication, the president of the Brazilian Society for Progress in Science (SBPC), Ildeu de Castro Moreira, said the measure would mean a loss of almost R $ 800 million for institutions that are subordinate to the Ministry of Science , Technology, Innovations and Communication (MCTIC). "In total, nine activities were canceled due to the suspension of unleased services, it seems little, but do not take much of something that is already on the limit," said Moreira Rede Brasil.

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