Privacy policy Institute confirms outbreaks of Chagas disease in acute phase in Pará

The Evandro Chagas Institute confirmed two acute outbreaks of Chagas disease in the municipality of Acará, Pará. The first was sent to the Institute in July; and the second was discovered in August.

Twenty cases of infection and at least one death of an elderly patient have been confirmed. Researchers believe that in both outbreaks the disease was transmitted orally to families by acai infected with feces from the parasite that causes Chagas disease.

Ana Yecê das Neves, head of the Unified Medical Care Sector at the Evandro Chagas Institute, recalls the importance of early diagnosis and immediate treatment: "Some people have been in some health facilities and could not have this diagnosis because of a lack of suspicion. It is a disease that we can consider as emerging between us It is really difficult for a professional who has not yet been trained, although some training has already taken place, it is still difficult to suspect. "

Chagas disease is a contagious disease caused by a parasite and has various forms of transmission. Oral transfer is currently considered the most common. The Sanitary Surveillance recommends caution when eating prepared food in uncertain conditions.

The main symptoms of Chagas disease are swelling and prolonged fever. Also common pain in the body, in the head, shortness of breath, swelling around the eyes or irritation of the skin. The disease is chronic, but there is treatment in the public network and it can prevent progression to heart failure.

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