Results from two studies point to chikungunya at the heart of Maria patients

chikungunyaThe State Health Secretariat (Sesab) reports that two blood samples, which arrived at the State Central Laboratory (Lacen) on 16 August, from the municipality of Coração de Maria, more specifically in the vicinity of Nova Esperança, were reagents for chikungunya. Both samples were collected 12 days after the onset of symptoms, so laboratory testing focused on the antibody (IgM) test, by serological tests (dengue, zika and chikungunya). The Lacen is waiting for the arrival of new blood samples for research.

The patients in the city of Coração de Maria, more specifically in the Boa Esperança district, showed symptoms of rash, intense itching, itching, high fever and joint pain.

The technicians of the epidemiological surveillance of the municipality collected blood samples from these 50 people, who have already begun to be analyzed by the State Central Laboratory (Lacen).

Chikungunya is worrying in the summer, see here

The Regional Health Center already carries out control measures, because the symptoms can be caused by diseases caused by arboviruses (dengue, dengue, zika and chikungunya). The rib spray (equipment at the back of the technician) is already being made and Sesab has already given permission to circulate the spray with Ultra Low Volume (UBV), better known as a smoked car, in the area.

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