São Miguel do Oeste has not recorded any outbreaks of dengue more than a month ago – Southern

Last week the Epidemiological Surveillance department of the health department confirmed that the number of municipalities infected by the dengue mosquito rose to 74. São Miguel do Oeste has been in this relationship for some time. This year alone, the municipality registered 374 Aedes Aegypti outbreaks.

According to the coordinator of the dengue program, Célio Silva, the city has had no more than one outbreak for more than a month and a half. The latter were recorded in July. Yet Célio says that the population must remain alert to prevent the emergence of new outbreaks.

According to the coordinator, the stabilization of the outbreaks of the dengue mosquito is great news for the municipality.

He explains that three outbreaks were registered in June and only two in July.

Célio says that this result is a reflection of the winter and also of the involvement of the population in fighting mosquitoes.

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