Sedentarism is a challenge on the day of the physical educator

Today, the day of professionals in vocational education is celebrated throughout Brazil, but the class has cause for concern. The reason is that the 2017 National Household Sample Survey (PNAD), published by IBGE, pointed out that 62.1% of Brazilians aged 15 or older do not engage in physical activities. That means that about 100 million people do not do daily exercises out of a total of 161 million.

"These data are extremely worrying, and without physical effort, the person has a significantly higher chance of developing a type of cardiovascular disease or even diabetes.Positive obesity is also directly related to inactivity.People who exercise improve the quality of life and self-esteem, this is called preventative health ", explains trainer Leonardo Gaspar.

A sedentary lifestyle is more common among women. Two in three women are not engaged in physical activities (66.6%). In men, the percentage was 57.3%, according to the BIM. The main justification of interviewees who did not train was a lack of time (38.2%).

According to professionals in vocational education it is ideal that at least 30 minutes per day is spent on practicing physical exercises. Sedentary people should gradually increase the burden of activities until they improve physical fitness. In addition, lack of physical activity from childhood can cause various problems in the long term.

"In addition to low cardiovascular fitness, people who do not even train during childhood are more likely to have injuries to the musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints and muscles," Gaspar said.


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