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What about four years ago was only an area of ​​170 thousand square meters for a university, today is one of the most important references of development, leisure, fun and innovation of the Holy Spirit.

Shopping Vila Velha became part of the life of the capixas in a short period of time, improving urban space and creating employment, income and quality of life.

The result of a huge investment – the largest private work of the state – the company was different from the others, becoming the largest and best consumer center in the region.

In addition to generating approximately 4,000 direct jobs, it is the shopping center in Brazil that brought most stores to the market in 2018, striking in the current economic market. The company also presents excellent performance in the flow and sales growth and consolidates itself as the most important choice of capixaba.

"In 2018 we have increased by 12% in the flow of vehicles (compared to the same period of 2017), a percentage that is comparable to the increase in traffic and sales, which are data that speak for themselves about the success of Shopping. Vila Velha, whose total surface area of ​​anchor stores is 42 thousand square meters, for example, exceeds the total area of ​​most shopping centers in Greater Victoria, "says the marketing manager, Bruno Saliba.

The work developed during these four years also explains the growth of Shopping Vila Velha and the recognition of the population. According to Ibope research, it is the shopping center that is most remembered by the residents of Vitoria and Vila Velha.

"When we achieve so many positive results, we see that we are on the right track and offer the retailer and the consumer a new experience of consumption, differentiated projects that are capable of talking to different kinds of audiences, creating a bond and experiences. to offer, "adds Saliba.

Another result of the developed works is that 96% of the shopping center is occupied, that is to say, only 4% is free for future rental. "Among the many attractions we offer, there are important anchor shops, such as: exclusive brands, a wide range of services, the largest event terrain, leisure projects and children's recreation, and innovative initiatives that have already become a benchmark for other shopping centers in Brazil."

The company currently has 233 satellite shops, 4,000 parking spaces, a hypermarket with 9,000 square meters, a food court with 25 operations, Game Center, eight megalojas, 18 anchor shops and an Alameda Goumert with three restaurants.

Shared growth

At Vila Velha Shopping, success, development and innovation are shared experiences. Galeria 027 is an example of this, when it positions itself as a sort of incubator & # 39; of new business and entrepreneurial experiences.

Furthermore, a free co-working space is part of the daily shopping center. Do you want to hold a meeting but do not have enough space? Just a phone call or a message from WhatsApp to guarantee the reservation of the room with tables, chairs, air conditioning and wi-fi. Need a quiet corner and connected with the work? Go there too.

"The culture of sharing has been part of our philosophy right from the start, when we started contracting we offered courses on job qualification and invested in local road infrastructure to improve and expand the surrounding streets, to name just two examples We grow and our audience grows with us, which is certainly one of the secrets of this success story, built in just four years, "he says.

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