The demand for repairing plastic surgery is growing

Brazil is the second country where most plastic operations in the world are performed and only lose to the United States

Brazil is the second country where most plastic surgery takes place in the world, suffering only from the United States – Press release

Brazil is the second country where most plastic operations take place in the world and only lose to the United States. According to data from the Brazilian Society for Plastic Surgery (SBCP), repairs of plastic surgery have gained more and more room in surgical centers. In 2009, 27% of operations were performed by physicians in connection with the repairers' entity, approximately 169,830 procedures. In the last published data, of the performed 1,472,435 plastic surgery, there were 664,809 repairers, about 43% of the total procedures.

According to the plastic surgeon and specialist of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Seung Lee are the most sought after post-bariatric and breast reconstruction surgeries. "Much of the restorative plastic surgery is linked to the weight loss of the patient, especially for the removal of excess skin.Ex-obese people look for these kinds of operations to improve the quality of life and thus their self-esteem and well-being," says surgeon.

What is the difference between cosmetic surgery and restorative surgery?

"The main difference between procedures is the reason to be done." Reconstructive plastic surgery attempts to correct malformations, lesions, defects or even the congenital that are present in the patient from birth. "This type of surgery can help people who have burns. contracted, tumors have been removed and even people who have lost a lot of weight Aesthetic plastic surgery is performed to correct something that aesthetically disables the patient, such as enlargement of the breasts or gluteus, without necessarily having a functional & # 39; procedure, "says the expert.

What are the most completed recovery procedures?

"We performed reconstruction of breasts in patients with cancer, with the consent of the mastologist Depending on the case, the reconstruction is done with silicone implants or with patient's own tissue patches.For burn sequelae, it depends on the degree of the wound and In the affected areas, many patients seek plastic surgery to regain elasticity and function of the skin, and for patients with obesity or weight loss, tummy tuck, mammoplasty and lifting of the arms and thighs can be performed, "explains Dr. Seung out.

What are the benefits for the patient when performing a restorative plastic surgery?

"Plastic surgery often goes beyond vanity and aesthetics Some patients use restorative surgery as the last step to overcome a disease or accident When surgery has this goal, it can contribute to improving the quality of life, to promote the physical and mental health of the patient, "concludes the surgeon.

Dr. Seung Lee is a plastic surgeon specialist from the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Graduated from the University Center of Volta Redonda – UNIFOA – RJ, he received a diploma in general surgery from MEC and plastic surgery from MEC and SBCP. He has undergone an aesthetic and restorative operation at Oblige Plastic Surgery – South Korea, with his medical residency in General Surgery at the Federal Hospital of Ipanema – RJ, and his average residence in plastic surgery at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). ).

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