Traveling anti-rabies vaccination stations visit five neighborhoods of the capital

Within the program of the Antirrábica Vaccination Campaign, the itinerant stations will visit five districts of João Pessoa on Mondays (3) and Tuesday (4). The campaign runs until September 22, when D-Day is held, with 200 immunization outlets scattered throughout the city. Dogs and cats must be vaccinated from the age of three months.

On Monday (3) posts will be installed in the following places: Association of residents of Penha Beach, Community Timbo Square (banking) and Community Santo Domingo (Altiplano). On Tuesdays (4) are the posts in the Community Agricultural Court (Miramar), access to the Condominium Val Paraiso (Bessa) and opposite the Integrated Family Health Unit (USF) São José.

The attendance for the public in the ambulatory stations takes place in the period from 8 am to 12 noon. The places with the highest concentration of dogs and cats are visited. The owner must take the animal's immunization card with them, but those who do not have the card will also receive a vaccination certificate. If it is the first time that the animal is vaccinated, the owner must be on the alert for the second dose, which must be carried out after 30 days.

During the campaign the population will be able to vaccinate their dogs and cats, also in the Center for Environmental Control and Zoonoses. The time for vaccination is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Cvaz is on Avenida Walfredo Macêdo Brandão, 100, Jardim Cidade Universitária.

The aim of the campaign is to immunize 80% of the dog population of the capital, currently estimated at 80,000 dogs, and more than 60,000 should be vaccinated. For cats, the Ministry of Health does not set an immunization target, but the municipality's Environmental Watch plans to immunize about 15,000 felines.

Animal anger

Animal anger is a disease caused by a virus. It attacks different animals, and humans too. Nearly 100% of people who get the disease die. The dog, the cat and the bat are the main transmitters of rabies in urban areas.

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