Vaccination against measles and polio reaches 51% of what is expected in Brazil

More than half of the children in the national campaign against measles and poliomyelitis have been immunized, according to the Department of Health until Monday, 20, 51% of children aged 1 year to 5 years were doses. D-day campaign went Saturday and made a leap in vaccine coverage. Until then, only 16% had received the vaccine, which caused concern for the experts.

The goal of the ministry is to vaccinate 95% of the 11.2 million children in the target group; 5.7 million doses of each vaccine have already been used.

In the state of São Paulo, vaccination coverage is 57.14% for poliomyelitis and 56.34% for measles. "We see that the average is good, that people up to 31 years have the time to take their children and our proposal is not to extend the campaign," says Helena Sato, technical director of immunization at the State Epidemiological Surveillance Center ( CVE).

She sees superior compliance with other recent efforts. "It's better than the flu campaign, which had 66.6% children coverage by August 2nd." The director says that the dissemination of information about the diseases has contributed to the awareness of the parents. "Communication has made it clear that both diseases run the risk of reaching the state of São Paulo. There are already measles cases in the country and there is a real risk that the virus enters the state."

The national campaign was expected in the state of São Paulo and began on day 4. In the rest of the country began on the 6th In the state 2.2 million children should be vaccinated against the diseases and in the capital 562.392 – until the second 314,128 doses against polio (paralysis of children) and another 309.572 doses of the SCR vaccine, which protect against measles, mumps and rubella, were administered.

In the country

The Rondônia state has so far led the list of vaccine coverage, with 85.03% for poliomyelitis and 83.45% for measles. "Below the lowest coverage we mention: Rio, with 29.49% of the target population vaccinated for polio and 31.33% for measles, and Pará, which has 33.60% polio and 33.59% for measles," said the ministry. .

The country has recorded 1,237 cases of measles since the beginning of the year and is facing two outbreaks. According to a bulletin issued last 14 by the Department of Health, there were 910 confirmed cases, with two deaths, in the Amazon; and 296 cases, with four deaths, in Roraima. There are still isolated cases in São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio, Rondônia and Pará. On Friday 17, two cases were confirmed in Pernambuco.

The vaccination schedule for poliomyelitis consists of three doses given after 2, 4 and 6 months, for which two boosters are needed after 15 months and after 4 years. Immunization against measles is done by means of the triple viral vaccine, which also protects against rubella and mumps. The vaccination schedule is one dose after 12 months, with a booster after 15 months.

The country has not reported polio vaccinations since 1989 and reported no cases of measles in 2016 and last year.

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