Vaccination against measles and polio reaches less than 35% of the population in Rio

The aim of the campaign is to immunize 95% of children aged one to five by the 31st of this month

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21 Aug. 2018, 21.22 hours

The state of the New Orleans, Louisiana hotels reached a coverage of 33.39% for the measles and 31.94% for poliomyelitis, according to preliminary data to the Ministry of Health after the D-day of vaccination, took place last Saturday. The goal is to immunize 95% of the target group.

A total of 259.3 thousand doses of polio vaccine and 271 thousand doses against measles were used. The result is far below the target, ie immunizing 812,000 children from one to five years by the 31st of this month.

Dr. Alexandre Chieppe from the Health Department says the government is still expecting the number of immunizations to grow until the end of the campaign. "We are still working with the prospect that this number may increase until the end of the campaign, with the participation of a number of communication channels, calling on the population to be vaccinated."

Last year, the measles immunization coverage was 95%; against polio, the percentage was 86% in children aged one year. Chieppe explained that there was no vaccination campaign in 2017, but only the first and second dose of the two diseases in annuals. "It is part of the routine schedule of vaccination, is another strategy."

The Secretariat of Public Health has asked the municipal secretariats to update the systems so that a real scenario of vaccination against measles and polio can be traced over the entire territory of Rio de Janeiro. Chieppe recalled that difficulties have been observed across the country in achieving the goal of coverage. "We are in the middle of the campaign, but the warning signal is already on and therefore mobilization is needed to sue the population."

Across the country 51% of children aged 1 to less than 5 years were vaccinated against poliomyelitis and measles after D-Day or Immunization.


The National Vaccination Calendar of the Ministry of Health, for protection against poliomyelitis, recommends three doses of Inactivated Poliomyelitis Vaccine up to one year old. From that age to five years old who have already taken one or more doses of the vaccine, the recommendation is to take the oral polio vaccine, known as the drip vaccine.

For measles, these children should also receive a dose of Viral Triple Vaccine, which protects against measles, rubella and mumps, regardless of vaccination status, provided that they have not been vaccinated in the past 30 days.

According to the Rio de Janeiro Health Ministry, the polio vaccine is safe and protects against the two serotypes of poliovirus 1 and 3. Children with immunological involvement must be assessed before the vaccine is taken.

Affairs in the state

According to the SES doctor, health authorities are very concerned about measles, as outbreaks have already occurred in the northern region of the country and also in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where 18 cases of the disease have already been confirmed. "It is still a small number because we have achieved reasonable vaccine coverage in recent years."

Of the 18 cases of measles confirmed this year in the state of Rio de Janeiro, 15 were registered in the city of Rio, two in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense; and one in Niterói, metropolitan area. The Ministry of Health works in collaboration with the municipalities, including the execution of blocking vaccinations, to prevent new cases.

The protection of measles is part of the Viral Triple and Tetra Viral vaccines, available according to the vaccination schedule of the Ministry of Health for children between 12 and 15 months. Children must be vaccinated from 1 year and 4 years 11 months and 29 days and adults up to 49 years who have not been immunized. Those who have taken both doses of the vaccine do not need to take a new dose, SES explains.

Brazil has been free of poliomyelitis since 1990, but the country is facing two outbreaks of measles, in Roraima and Amazonas.

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