Bolsonaro calls TSE to block Lulu's offer – news

PSL candidate for planalto, federal representative Jair Bolsonaro, requested blockade of the candidacy of former President Luiza Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). The action formulated by the coalition around its board – "Brazil above all, God above all" – was attached to the petition process until early this afternoon of this quarter (16).

Bolsonaro also requested that the Court prohibit the speed of Mrs Lulina's candidacy, since it was considered that the applicant's inadmissibility was "derived from exclusively documented evidence". For him it shows that it would be unnecessary to open the demonstration deadlines, "so the request for early trial has already been formulated."

"It is commonly alleged that Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been convicted," the document says, citing the first and second Federal Court's trials trial. "It was proven that the former President of the Republic participated in a major corruption scheme."

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  • In action, the candidate accuses Lulu of hiding the property of a three-bedroom apartment, which would be an advantage.

    It is therefore clear that the candidate to which the application filed at that time is not acceptable because of the conviction of the collegiate body for the purpose of the crime of money laundering and passive corruption. "

    The Bolsheviks and the coalition, through their lawyers, say that" the popular excitement encouraged by the candidacy now being challenged is not unknown. "" And the fact that the candidate, with the support of his followers, adopted the position of a victim of a judicial system that he considers partial and persecuted, questioning the legitimacy of the process culminating in his

    Candidate took advantage of the action praising the operation of Lava Jato that "disclosed one of the largest corruption schemes in the country's history". "In short, the so-called Operation Lava Jato promoted the true correction of the political system in the country."

    Lula, Bolsonaro leads

    PSL candidate uses Lula's departure from the presidential race, according to the latest consultations on the intention to vote. Ibope's research published on June 28 showed that in the scenario without the former president Bolsonaro has 17% of the presidency's intention to vote. On the margin of error, which is two percentage points higher or lower, Bolsonaro is technically linked to lead by Marina Silva to 13%. Given the margin of error, voting intentions in Bolsonar vary between 15% and 19%; those in the sea range from 11% to 15%.

    In the scenario with Lulu, PT has 33% voting intent and deputy, 15%.

    On Wednesday night (15), after the PT application was filed, lawyer of the Republic and MPE (Public Prosecutor)) Raquel Dodge asked TSE for Lulina's candidacy to be rejected . She said the former president "does not meet the conditions". The arguments of Bolsonara are similar to those of Dodge.

    In addition to Bolsonar, four applications against Mrs Lula's candidacy have already been presented to the TSE. The report of the case is still decided by the President of the Court, Minister Rosa Weber. Initially, the action is under the responsibility of Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, but Lula's defense asks whether he will stay with Minister Admiral Gonzaga. Rosa has not yet heard of it.

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