Government authorizes use of FGTS for Santas Homes credit and philanthropic hospitals

Michel Teme Michel Teme

– Temporary measure signed on Thursday (19659001) President Michel Temer during the ceremony at Planalto Palace – Givaldo Barbosa / Agência O Globo ] to open

A new credit line will allocate 5% of annual FGTS budget to interest rates of 8.66% annually, lower than currently available loans, ranging from 17% to 18% per annum. Credits will be managed by Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil and BNDES, will not be deficient and can be paid for up to 10 years. The total volume of funds for the credit line will be about $ 4 billion.

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Funds can use Santas Casas to pay off debts and investments such as equipment purchases, payment of costs, and suppliers. The measure will be published in the Official Gazette this Friday, but funds will only be released after the approval of the FGTS Curatorial Council.

Health Minister Gilberto Occhi stressed interest rates as a positive point for a new line of credit terms to be paid by these entities because abandoning the average rate of 17% to 18%, which is today funding, with a maximum rate of 8.7 We are talking about half the interest rate, ie we will have the economy for new investments – Minister

During the ceremony of signing a provisional measure, Michel Temer raised the act and said it was "the best and most exclusive action of his government". Temer said he was convinced that he would be transformed into a law: That is the best, most prominent and the most brutal action I took in my government, who was to respect Svetinje. It is now necessary to visit parliamentarians and leaders in order to eventually turn into law, but I have the absolute conviction that they will be converted – the president said.

President of the Confederacy of Sacred Homes and Filantropi Hospital (CMB), Edson Rogatti, said the credit line was "a breath" for institutions that accumulated 21 billion wound debts and led to the closure of 11,000 SUS beds.

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According to the Ministry of Health, in 968 municipalities, hospital care is performed exclusively by philanthropic services units. According to the portfolio, Brazil has three thousand philanthropic services providing care to the Unified Health System (SUS), among polyclinics, specialized clinics and laboratories. Of this, 1,627 constitute the SUS hospitals network, which makes 11.5% outpatient visits and 41.4% hospital admissions.


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