Haddad: Lula's defense goes to STJ by candidacy and TSE needs to wait

PT and Defense of Former the presidents have already defined the next step in the struggle to keep up the dispute: they are referring to the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) in an action that will deal exclusively with the unacceptable nature of the PT, seeking a suspension from the Tribunal This move announced a candidate for the panel replacement, former mayor Fernando Haddad after the first official street campaign role, soap NGO Todos Pela Educação. Haddad criticized the state attorney in the country, Raquel Dodge, for challenging Lan's candidacy as part of the "endless pursuit" of the law of the former president and asserting that the Supreme Electoral Court was awaiting the STJ's demonstration to define manifestations opposing the candidacy that after registration. "If we push the ban on the clean sheet in the law, suspend the effects of punishment in the second instance, as the TSE will manifest before the STJ position, it seems to me that it does not comply with the applicable laws," the former mayor said. In addition to the state attorney (PGR), activist Kim Kataguiri from the Brazilian Free Movement (MBL) and actor Alexandre Frota, both candidates for federal deputies, also proposed to challenge the post-election of the former president.

Lula has already filed a lawsuit against STJ for 12 years and a month in Lava Jato's prison sentence. The difference in the request is, therefore, a new action that relates only to the effect of the conviction in the electoral situation of the former president and that it will register as a "new fact" the candidacy at the electoral court. When a request is made to the Court, it should be shared with the rapporteur, Minister Felix Fischer, who has already rejected several other requests from the former president during his trial.

Attended by VEJA, STJ stated that the request was not yet


Fernando Haddad also denied that PT plans to withdraw its candidacy and adopt "Plan B" after Lula's candidacy is rejected by the Election Court should happen because of the current understanding of Clean Sheets. The concern of the party is that Haddad, who is alleged to be a substitute, is too late to enter the race, may not have time to reveal his name. "We are always working to exhaust all the resources we are applying for. We are talking about a democratic issue, we are not concerned about the schedule at that time," he said. This weekend, the former mayor goes to Piauí to act with the students.

The prognosis was that he would only go to the northeastern next Tuesday, but schedule was scheduled after the request of the governor of that state, Wellington Dias (PT), complaining of the absence of representatives of national parties at the event, is considered important in his candidacy for re- Choice. Haddad's "wagon" to announce a government program in the northeast – and to be able to know it as soon as possible to replace the head of the board – begins next Tuesday and goes to Saturday.

He must go through the states of Bahia, Sergipe, Paraíba, Ceará and Maranhao in this first round. After the conflict involving María Arraes (PT) to Pernambuca's government, withdrawn after the party's agreement with PSB Governor Paulo Câmara, the PT campaign decided not to go to the state at that first time to avoid wear and tear. Already in Ceará, Haddad has to face the only trade fair, since Governor Petra Camilo Santana shares his platform between the party's campaign and that of his political man Ciro Gomes (PDT)

Dallagnol [19659008] Haddad also responded to the demonstration by the prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol, coordinator of the Lava Jato working group in Curitib, who, according to the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo inquired about his presence and the national presidency of PT, Sen. Gleisa Hoffmanna (PR), as a lawyer for the former president, giving them free access to Luli

Former Sao Paulo Mayor said that as a PT co-ordinator, a document the former president had to present to the electoral court, he should have access to a party candidate. He also stressed that he has no obligation to notify the Public Prosecutor about the talks between the lawyer and the client. "Are not they there to know what we are, or did you listen?" He asked. Also this Thursday, Haddad travels to Curitiba to visit a former president in the Federal Police Prison in Curitib, where PT has been closed since April 7.

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