Mega-operation against human trafficking arrests 56 people, including pregnant women

Barra Mansa – The MPRJ (Gaeco) and Civil Police, led by Delegate Ronaldo Aparecido, launched this morning's Operation Horse in the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings in the region. Fifty-six people were arrested for suspected trafficking in human beings, including pregnant women. They were taken to the city park, near the Barra Mansa police station. During the operation, three were charged with abusing drug trafficking when the police were in a Roma housing facility, fulfilling a warrant for arrest and search and seizure. According to envoy Ronald Aparecid, who commanded the operation, Rome was exchanged with the police, and 12 people were able to flee to the forest area, carry weapons and drugs in their backpacks.

The total number of inmates in the operation reaches 78. This is because since the beginning of the investigation

officers are intending to abide by 72 arrest warrants and 122 order for search and seizure of those reported by the MFA to the Smuggling Courts association of human beings. The operation is also carried out in Volta Redondu, Pinheiral, Barra do Piraí and Valençi, but the main goal is Barra Mansa. The activity is counted with the support of the Security and Intelligence Coordination (CSI / MPRJ) of the State Attorney's Office. Operation

The monitoring of telephone communications with court powers allowed the prominent structure of a solid drug trafficking convention.


The discovery – the seven of them at all – referred to different areas of activity associated with several Barra Manse districts and cities in the region such as Valencias, Volta Redonda and Pinheiral.

Because of the complex structure and the large number of convicts, it was divided into three cores condemned: the first in relation to the origin of the drug; the other is based on drug-receiving marketers; and the third investigation was devoted to trading in some specific places. In order to have an idea of ​​a covered area, the accused dominated the traffic in at least ten Barra Manse districts (Ano Bom, Loteamento, São Luiz, Vila Delgado, Eduardo Junqueira, Jardim América, Nova Independencia, Monte Cristo, Goiabal and Vila Brígida). Volta Redondu (Candelaria, Vila Rica, Belo Horizonte and Três Poços), as well as Pinheiral and Valençi. In the first nucleus, it was discovered that Jean de Souza Mendes, commonly known as Paulista, was the major drug vendor for various land-based drug traffickers in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Experts Chuchu, Sérgio Moreira Dos Reis, German, Luis Fernando Xavier and others like Dadala, among others, received narcotics in Sao Paulo from the First Command Capital (PCC) faction and drove to Rio for traders such as Gledsona José Ribeiro Nunes. In the second, the investigation confirmed that Fabiano da Silva Melo, jointly owned by Mineiro of Minas Gerais, was the second drug vendor for Barra Mansi merchants. He had cures from Juiz de Fora, where he was staying. Among the responses to receiving and mediating Fabian's drug transactions, Rivaldo da Silva Barros appears. Another important accused is Maria Madalena de Carvalho Marques, who managed traffic under the co-ordination of her brother Claudine de Carvalho, who was already in jail. In the third core of the defendant, others are responsible for traffic in the neighborhood of Volta Redonda and Barra Manse. In this group, among others are Kelvington Idalino Bernardes Paulo, called Kekel, Regis Nunes Marques, called Rice, Moises Rocha, called Boi, Luís Silva, so-called. Adriano Sebastião Dos Santos Prudêncio. During the period of 13 months of investigation, due to phone interceptions committed, 22 persons were arrested, in 15 indictments in flagrante and the taking of large amounts of drugs. The paper also contributed to the clarification of the authorship of two murders that were practiced due to territorial disputes between traders. High numbers of people killed in drug trafficking are also visible in the number of people investigated during the investigation: 12 people were reported before filing a complaint.

Thursday is Operation Operation Adren's breakup, resulting in several criminal convictions in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais. In addition to requests for custody and search and detention, the MPRJ also requested the seizure of the property and the value of the main convictions

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